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One Word 2013 Recap

The last few years I've chose a "One Word" Instead of making a resolution for the year, choosing instead to focus on a word that can encompass your daily life and challenge you in many areas throughout the year. In 2012, my word was JOY.  After reading Ann's book One Thousand Gifts , I was challenged to seek JOY in the mundane, in the daily tasks, in the hard stuff and in the fun stuff.  My friend made a beautiful wooden JOY sign and it has a prominent place in our home to this day, reminding us to be JOY and to live JOY. In 2013 my word was CHANGE . It was a word that scared me, and yet I decided to embrace it, all aspects of it.  Change in my heart, my thinking and our lives. Little did I know that soon after choosing that word, our lives would begin changing in many ways, the biggie being with Trev's job and our church  (when your Senior Pastor up and leaves things get hairy for those on staff)  I talked about embracing change, the painful change and the exciti

Bowen Family Christmas Letter Blog Style

Merry Christmas! Top Highlights of 2013: Trevor:  Our 10 year Anniversary and trip to Disneyland sans kiddos! Running my second Marathon and doing it with friends. Finishing classes for ordination Krystle:  Going to Haiti with Trades of Hope Trip to Disneyland with Trev for our 10 year anniversary  Running a Half-Marathon Jack: Turning 5 Getting a Dog Playing Soccer Camden: Turning 2 Going to the beach Going to to Zoo Christian: Turning 2 Sunriver with friends Learning to ride a trike Christmas came early for our family last week when we welcomed Sloane into our family! An 8 week old Black Lab, she has been such a fun addition to the family and the boys are in love! We hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

The Trap

There is a trap we fall into. It happens to everyone, but it seems to be an epidemic among women. Busy mean good.  Lots of things going means you care.  Doing multiple things means that you are investing in others and that it's important.  It's not true. My friend Lindsay has been talking and writing about this very topic and I wanted to chime in here on the blog. Many of us have likes, passions, and gifting in several different places. We also have natural skills that we can use to do many things, and we use them in situations that allow us to adapt, but that doesn't mean we are supposed to be doing it. We may have good organizational skills, so we find ourselves serving in an area that has us organizing things or people. We do it, and we do it well. It burns us out and doesn't fulfill. We may have good leadership skills, so we find ourselves in charge of a project or group that we run really well and it's productive....but it doesn't fill our tanks, make us p

And then I turned 30: Thoughts on Trust

30 I didn't freak out about turning 30, it's just that my mind can't wrap itself around that number. I feel 25, 30 sounds old. Sorry, but it does.  I don't feel old....most days. And then there are the days I look in the mirror and I see what life looks like on my face. The being in full time ministry for 10 years The three kids under three we had The miscarriage The NICU The family crises The unknown My face may look older, and more worn....but my heart, that feels like it's been made brand new through all of the sharpening, the pruning, the weeding.  I feel as if life is really just getting started. God is doing a new thing in my life, in our lives and there is stirring, a calling to do greater things for His name. The things that mattered before, just don't. The things that were on the sidelines become forefront.  I've mentioned before we've been in this time of transition, of wait.  We are heading into a time of change and growth with a new pastor co

Family Pictures 2013

I swapped pics with another photographer this past weekend. We used each others camera, and I edited mine and she will edit hers. Perfecto. And free. :) I love this location, the colors, my guys.  Jack Camden Christian No fakin this...this is the real deal people. Love.  He's kinda my favorite 

Meeting Ann

So, we were in Portland for marathon weekend, and I was happy to be the cheering person  ( I can't bring myself to say cheerleader, sorry cheer friends I still love you) I did however, have a pretty awesome moment myself. We were out to dinner in Portland at a fabulous restaurant when I spotted across the room  Ann Voskamp. You should know who she is but if you don't, she's the author of One Thousand Gifts and the blog A Holy Experience. Her book was the first I read that completely changed my outlook on life and really started the transformation personally and spiritually over the next two years. I've written about it here and here .  Her blogs have brought me to tears on numerous occasions. Even if you haven't read her book, her blog is worth following.  Anyhoo, I spotted her and after some nudging I headed out with Amy to meet her. We shook hands, chatted about why we were in Portland (she was there for Women of Faith that day) and I shared with her how much h

Portland Marathon Weekend!

Three years ago my husband ran his first marathon.  It was in Portland, Oregon and it was soaking wet.  A downpour to rival all downpours the entire time. It never rains on marathon weekend.  Except that year, and his first year ever. He and our friend Shawn trained and ran together. Miserable and soaking wet and did awesome. This past weekend, they did it again along with Shawn's wife Amy, one of my close friends. It was sunny and perfect and they all rocked it. Last time I was 19 weeks pregnant with the twins and we brought Jack along (stupid stupid stupid) This time we all left our kids in the hands of our families and reveled in the weekend together! Amy ran all of my long runs with me, which nicely enough were about half the distance of her long runs so I would join her on the second half and we'd both get them in! She ran my half with me two weeks ago as her training run. She totally rocked the marathon. I'm so proud of her! She trained hard and followed the plan! The

I ran a Half-Marathon!

Yesterday I did something I never in a million years thought I would or could. I ran a half-marathon. Over the past few years I have started and stopped running for a multitude of reasons, including having three kids in under three years. I ran a 10 mile run in April of 2012 but it wasn't great, and I didn't feel great about it. I ran through a lot of pain last fall which landed me with a stress fracture and a significant amount of time off of running. That was followed by ankle surgery for a bone fragment that found it's way into my ankle joints, ouch. I knew I needed a goal once I was cleared to run again so I set my sights on the Rogue Run Half-Marathon. I found two training plans that would literally take me from the moment I was cleared to the day of the half, not allowing any wiggle room. The first was the Couch-to-5k program which got me on my feet and up to 3.1 miles. The next would take me from there to the half. I can't recommend the Couch-to-5k highly enough.

Goodbye Summer

My poor neglected blog. I don't feel so bad about it....we've been busy doing life. I've often thought about getting paid to blog, or doing it as a side job. I realized that I wouldn't like it after awhile. The pressure to have to produce something, instead of it organically coming together. The pressure of a weekly link-up and time spent in that. I decided to write when I wanted and when it was inspired and post pictures when I could and let it be. And I like that. School has started, we are settling into a new routine which I love and as fall (my favorite ever) fast approaches I am excited for what it holds. We are still without a lead pastor, still wondering what is next for our little family....but still moving forward in faith. Even if it is unseen by others. And now, a photo dump for ya'll.

Learning in the Wait

I'm not a patient person by nature. When I have an idea, I want to do it right then. When I have birthday money in hand, I want to spend it right then. When something is laid on my heart, I want it to come to fruition right then. This past year has been a long, and slow process in learning to wait.  And not just learning to wait, but learning in the wait. A little over a year ago I knew that God had not called our little family to live out the standard "American Dream".  Before that, I was scared that we were in ministry as a profession. I was scared that it might mean we never retired, never owned a home, moved a lot and never had anything extra to save. I wanted the security of those things and felt it only natural to have. (side note: it's okay if the above is your life- no intention of making anyone feel like that is wrong.) And then God clearly said, "I have more in store for you...I'm calling you out" And from that moment I didn't care if we

Seeing Green

If you know Jack, you know green is his favorite color. His eyes are green because God knew it was his favorite color, or so says Jack. Kids from his class and tell their parents when they see green "Hey, Mom...did you know green is Jack's favorite color?" His teachers are well trained. Shoot, he has everyone trained. So, naturally we had a green party. We went low key this year, just cake and family and a few close friends Jack asked for. Going anti-Pinterest party over here. (except the awesome cake my Mom made and Jack decorated) We asked for no toys, and it was lovely.  A lovely day celebrating this little man. Love those paper straws from Crate and Barrel  Always a comedian Camden enjoyed a day of fun With Auntie and Uncle Auntie and Christian Daddy and Jack  Jack decorated the cake made by my Mom Nephew Miles with Trevor Cousin Zoi and Jack are BFF's The Arnold Clan Curt aka Grandpa in Training  Yay for books! Aunt Jami and Cousin Miles With Papa and Ina (Trev&#