Monday, December 10, 2012

22 Months- Monthly Update

I didn't post a 21 month update, whoops.

22 Months

In two months these boys will be two. It's so strange, I feel this past year has just flown by. They still seem so babyish, and I find myself treating them like little babies more often than not.

They are loving puzzles and books, they are really good and puzzles and they usually fight over them.
They love to stack blocks and push the mower and popper around the house.

They love to chase and they will stand at the entry way, count to three and then run into the living room to dive onto the bean bag. They totally take turns and it's so cute.

They have lots of words and they are loving to sing Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, The BIBLE, Healer, and Row Row Row the Boat.

They are still sleeping from about 7pm-7am and napping from 12-2ish. They eat waffles, french toast, pancakes and bananas for breakfast. Hot Dogs, chicken nuggets, PB& Honey sandwiches, cheese, grapes for lunch. Spaghetti, Mac & Cheese, Quesadillas and peas, corn or carrots for dinner.
They love milk and graham crackers and applesauce or yogurt for snacks.

They don't like any funky textures, although we keep trying and they don't like smoothies of any kind at the moment. Christian is still pretty tiny so we try to get good fats in him whenever we can.

Camden is still a Mama's boy, and Christian is definitely attached to Trevor. They like to take baths and Christian likes to dump water on Camden.

We are phasing out the pacifier, now we are only giving it to them at night time, and next week that goes bye bye too.

How did we do it? Cold turkey. Pretty much like everything else we do. It's a tough 2-3 days, but then it's over and we move on. Just like a band-aid. I think most often, it's harder/scarier for the parents with these things (weaning, sleep training, pacifiers, bottles) than it is the kids.

Christian loves to wear hats and shoes and coats, he needs a boy dress-up closet.
Camden loves stuffed animals, he will snuggle anything soft.

These boys are crazy. They basically do everything Jack did NOT do.

We have the chairs bungee corded to the table still, otherwise they climb up and then on top of the table. Camden has already fallen out of his seat onto his head once.

They climb the stove by pulling out the drawer beneath it, grab colors and color on the stove. Colors are moved, but they literally wait until I am in the bathroom and in that 20 seconds they have climbed up. We can't take the drawer out, otherwise they can get under the stove. Yeah..super fun.

We still have a huge super-yard gate that keeps them from the computer desk, thanks to my friend Samantha. We will be needing to give that back soon, and I am not looking forward to that day. They won't stay off the computer desk.

They can open the door to outside, so that is always bolted up top.

Basically, I'm afraid to go to the bathroom or leave the room. They just can't be trusted. I am so ready for them to outgrow this.

We do time-outs and they respond pretty well. Christian doesn't like to be in trouble, and is quick to say sorry. Camden just laughs at you....that's gonna be interesting.

They like to help clean and sort laundry, unload the dishwasher and vacuum.

Their personalities are coming through really strong, and I love to watch that unfold every day.

They both are little lovers and they think Jack is the coolest kid in town, and he pretty much is.

At this age Jack was in a twin bed....hahahaha...that is so not happening right now. In fact, with all the climbing they do I am thanking my lucky stars they haven't climbed their cribs. They will stay in there for 5 more years if it suits them! HA!

Even with all the craziness, we are so overwhelmed by the blessing these boys are!!
I could only upload one pic...but it's a cute one :)


  1. I feel the same way about Wyatt. He is nearly 18 months but still such a baby to me!

    I adore the picture you posted. Holy sweetness!

  2. This post makes me smile because it sounds SO much like my boys!! They cannot be trusted either :-)! And, they are climbing out of their cribs but they only do it every so often so we are keeping them around for a little while longer. I want to at least attempt to keep them restrained! Ha!!

    and, let me know how the pacifier thing goes...we are still trying with Ben. We tried cold turkey and it was AWFUL. May just need to bite the bullet and do it again though.

    LOVE the photo!! Adorable!!!!

  3. Love the slippers! The boys look so stinking cute! Can't wait to be able have kiddos!

  4. Oh gosh, they're so cute! i love the slippers. :-)

  5. such cuties!! I feel the same way about my twins- they are crazy. They do everything that their siblings didn't. They're not scared of anything and it's a little scary!! I found my 1 year old twin up on the stove the other day, too. Crazy, crazy kids!! I agree- cut the nuk out cold turkey :) worked great for us, with the one child that needed it.