Friday, November 2, 2012

3 Little Men & a Mommy Blog Status

While on vacation, I was almost completely unplugged. I didn't post to Facebook once we arrived to our destination, posted a few pics to Instagram the following two days and never got on Twitter or my Blog.

Once we got home I didn't feel like plugging back in. I still really don't.

I love this little space of my own, I love that I get to share my precious family with our friends and family that don't see us every day and I love to share what God is doing in my heart.

I don't have a product to sell, or a side business. I don't have a gazillion followers that I have to make sure and post at least 2x a week for. Guess what? I'm really glad about that. That's pressure I just don't need.

If I feel led to write, I will. If I want to post some pictures I will. Even if I go three weeks without doing it.

All that to say, I removed my most of advertisements along with the buttons for other blogs. I also won't be hosting a weekly link-up and I am no longer a Sweat Pink advocate.

This is just gonna be my little space for whenever I need a little space.

I whittled the blogs I read down to just a handful so that when I jump on here I don't feel overwhelmed or obligated to visit them all and comment.

I'm a Mom of 3 little boys, a wife, a homemaker, a small group leader, a best friend, a member of a small group, a Pastor's Wife, a daughter, a sister, a volunteer at a local teen Mom home, a reader of many books, a dreamer of the things that I feel are coming soon,  a birth photographer in training and a part time blogger. 

I appreciate those of you who read this little space and encourage me even if I've never met you.

That being are some pictures of our time away! We met up with my parents for one of the mornings, but the rest of the time it was just us!
We drove, stopped half way for a night and then finished our driving the next day. With three kids under 4, all that driving really was a nearly perfect trip. Truly amazing.

Paradise Pier at night

My Man in one of his favorite places...Main Street USA

Trev and Cam

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

He is saying, get in the tractor!

Waiting for Tiki Room

Train Ride

So darn cool

Luigi's Tire Hate

On the Caterpillar Ride

Trev and a Packard on the newly redesigned Buena Vista Street in California Adventure

Flo's at night...they have a great old fashioned menu

I was so proud of Jack for going on this ride! He looks terrified, but he came off the ride skipping!

Little art observers


Love this so much

Breakfast with friends

He wouldn't let me drive

Brer Fox

They almost had her glove off!

Beverley Hills Diner

Nothing much beats this....

New entrance to California Adventure with Carthay Theater peeking up in the background!

Cam was like HEY and then oh wait!

He danced on Bourbon Street and got some beads!

Digging in!

This kid was a theme park natural.
This was at the parade

He was named after the guy, so we had to go do this!

Everybody needs a Dinglehopper

DJ came driving through town

A green Dumbo no less!

No edit. Taken seconds apart at night!

Jack went on the Grizzly at NIGHT! SO BRAVE!

I am soaked

Special Grand Opening of Cars Land ears!

Smooches from Minnie

Sharing Ice Cream at Clarabelle's 

He got to build his own light saber. Of course it was green....

He was star struck

With my Dad, checking out the maps

Main Street at night

Matterhorn at night ( was pitch black out)


I love Meeko!

Boys in Ergos!

He was so surprised to see my parents! I love that I captured my Dad and Trev hugging in the background!

Parade Time


Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Freaking Awesome. 

Radiator Springs. They did it perfectly. 

Ghost Galaxy Show. Seconds apart. 

One of my favorites. No edit. LOVE.

My boys

Exploring Tom Sawyers Island



  1. Great Pictures.
    Way to be brave with the blog. I feel the same way...although I don't have sponsors or buttons. It's for fun, it's not my job and I won't put it before my family, my friends, my job, etc...
    lots less stress!

  2. I know exactly how you feel!! I used to blog a every other day and over the past year it has slowed to nearly non-existent posts!! You know! It's nice when you release yourself from the notion that you have to post, isn't it? And I adore all those Disney them! Cars Land looks awesome!

  3. i love the pictures ... especially the one of trevor and jack sitting on the bench (taken from behind). that's a FRAMER. :)

  4. beautiful photos of your wonderful family and your great disney adventure! looks like you all had a blast. and way to go on your boundary setting re: the blog/technology/etc. what a healthy perspective. blessings!