Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween- What We Do

We dress up and trick-or-treat and we pass out candy.

I think it's the perfect opportunity to interact with your neighbors. So that's what we do.

Were you expecting a long drawn out explanation with history and quotes and sources for reasons why we do or don't? Sorry. There are plenty of other posts out there like that.

These were taken at our Trunk-or Treat this year. Jack asked to be a green ladybug, so my awesome friend Helen whipped him up a costume. He's so cute. Cam is a ducky and Christian a monkey :)

My Mom and her lil Monkey
Best Buddies

My Dad and his Ducky


Monday, October 15, 2012

Birth Photography- Training

I had the extreme privilege of attending my first birth last night. 
Other than my own babes, this was the first time I've seen a baby be born.

One of my friends is a Birth Photographer for our local Waterbirth Center, Trillium. 
Trillium is a part of Wise Women Care  and they offer everything from massage to midwifery, psychotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy and more. It's really a one stop shop!

Trillium is the first birth center in our town and was started by an amazing woman Augustine. 
She is passionate about women and birth and has incredible experience as a midwife. 

Melissa, the Birth Photographer, has decided to take me under her wing and train me to do the same. 
I am beyond honored to be a part of this amazing experience. 

To witness a child being born, after watching Mama labor with the support of her family in a room much like home (either in water or not) is a breath taking moment. 

I have a lot of training to go, but it felt good to shadow Melissa on this birth and get an idea of how it goes, because it isn't your normal photo shoot!
Melissa is super encouraging and patient and I'm so thankful for her taking the time to teach me.
She's an amazing birth photographer.

I have no ideas about starting a business or doing anything other than gift my friends with pictures in addition to taking pictures as one of Melissa's back-ups at Trillium and I know I have just tapped the iceberg in my learning, but it really is exciting!

You can read more about Trillium here and also about Melissa here when she did a guest post for me. 
The third person in our little "team" is my dear friend Lacie who as you know, is our family photographer. Her precious prayed for baby is due December and I have the honor of being in the room with her and Melissa to document this moment (unless she has the baby while we are out of town and believe me I am praying that is NOT the case!)

I don't have a flash, so these were shot in the near dark with my ISO cranked up so that's why they are grainy. A flash is on my list of things to buy for sure :)

Laboring like a champ

Amazing team of women here

Just out

"Um? What might you be doing?" 

I love how his little feet form a heart!

Sucking on his fingers

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Cuteness

It's that time of year again. 
That time of year for adorable pumpkin patch and fall colored pictures.
This is the earliest we've ever gone to the patch, and the amount of lovely pumpkins and non muddy trails was evidence.
It was a really fun time and the first time all three boys were able to walk through the patch!
I realized after the fact that my ISO was up way too high on my camera so the shots are grainy, but still cute :)

This was last year:
Wee little lads in the stroller


Camden wasn't interested in the pony ride

Christian kept petting the pumpkins and saying, "oohh.." like they were animals

Hey...I lost a shoe

My perfect pumpkin

Stacking Pumpkins

All my boys


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scentsy Party

I don't hold too many "home parties" of any kind, an occasional candle or Pampered Chef party but it's more for the food and friends than anything :)

I had been hearing about Scentsy and when my cousin from Portland announced she was a consultant and would travel to Southern Oregon for a party, I said heck yes!

So, this Thursday is our party! This post is mainly for my out of town friends and family, but any of you are welcome to order from this site. Your product will be shipped directly to you!

Just click the link below to order. This stuff smells amazing and the best part is, NO FLAME! Just little cute warmers!

Check out some pictures: