Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watermelon Pictures

Not much is cuter than boys, all covered in a sticky summer watermelon mess. I had to use one of these as my new header because it's just all boy and all perfect and I love it. And yes, I did hose them down after these were taken. I have been gone a month, I will not apologize for the amount of pictures I post.

He kept eating the green part...it took him awhile

Heaven? I think so.


Oh those eyes

Here you can clearly see Christian's personality. He is lining them all up....

And here we have Camden in all his glory....chucking the watermelons all over the deck. Identical? Not in the slightest way by appearance or personality 


  1. Incredible pictures!!! Love them, Love the boys, Love you mama!

  2. Lol oh my gosh Camden is so funny in these pics!

  3. Oh my, they are too cute! I love these pictures!

  4. LOVE!! I have a feeling our boys would be GREAT friends if we lived close. :-) They love a sticky, watermelon-y mess and we have used the hose for "clean-up duty" more times than I can possibly count!! :-)