Thursday, September 6, 2012

Portland/Wedding Trip

We had always planned to go camping this week in August...and when I got a text from my longest friend in the world that her wedding was the day before, we knew we'd we would head to Portland first. While the trip had it's stressful moments (mostly from the kids being in the car for long long periods of time and also that time when Trev forgot his wallet at a Starbucks in Portland and we didn't realize it until Salem....) it was a great albeit exhausting trip. Here are some pictures.

My friend Helen helped me make the suspenders for the boys, and while I hardly got any shots of them (yet) you can see they are quite adorable. 

We made the most of our Portland time and went to OMSI, Salt & Straw and Stumptown while we were there. It was a whirlwind but absolutely worth it! 

oh yes
My beautiful friend

This was the most beautiful setting for a wedding, and this shot is only a fraction of what it was like!

He was a dancing machine and even snagged the bride!

Hello Mr. Handsome


Now :)


  1. Those suspenders are so adorable!! The wedding looks gorgeous. So glad you got good coffee & good ice cream :)