Oh hey.... I have three small boys

I have three small boys. Did you know that? Like, all. three. are. boys. 

I am not sure, but I think people maybe don't realize that I have three boys, so they tell me that I do. Just in case I hadn't realized it. 

Seeing me take them out of the car and load them into a cart or stroller they say, 
"Gee, your hands are full!" 

Hmm. I think maybe I already knew that. But thanks for letting me know that you think my hands are full. 

They are. They are full of squishy faces that I kiss all over. They are full of sticky bodies that just finished lunch. They are full of clothes that we are so blessed to have and toys that we don't need. 
They are full of books being read aloud all day long, and trains and cars and graham cracker crumbs that we are so blessed to eat. 

They are full of crying babes who come to me when they need love, and of dirty hands from playing outside. 

My hands are indeed full. Not near as full as my heart is, and who wouldn't want that?

My days are busy, and sometimes long and there is not a quiet moment until those 30 little fingers and toes are all safely tucked into their beds.....and then we breathe and thank the Lord for our full hands and full hearts and full house. 

PS: Guys, this week has honestly been SO hard. The twins are climbing up everything, I am afraid to go to the bathroom because I come back from those 20 seconds and they are coloring on the computer screen after scaling the filing cabinet. I can hardly keep up. If they aren't getting into trouble, Camden is following me around whining ALL DAY. It has been mentally and emotionally exhausting and yet....would I trade this?! NO. I can say that with every ounce of truth....it is so hard some days and I just wanted to check myself in a mental hospital  hotel and sleep for hours yesterday. And cry. But after a few hours I would miss them. They are my heart and soul and while they test every fiber of my being and I then ask God, what on earth He was thinking.....I wouldn't have it any other way


PPS: If you have any tips on handling crazy TWIN boys at this stage....I'm all ears....

PPPS: I DO sometimes have to look at their newborn pictures and remind myself how cute and tiny and squishy they once were so that I don't lock them in their cribs all day.....


  1. that sounds so like my life!! I wrote a post this week about all the things I love about twins because I needed that reminder :) I do consider myself blessed beyond measure- somedays it just takes a little more reminding that I am!

  2. I can totally relate!! I have NO experience on boys so sorry, no advice for you. I can tell the difference in boys and girls from my B/G twins and I'm soooo not looking forward to the climbing stage! Thanks for sharing this, the super cute and hilarious pictures as well as the reminder that God entrusted us with these little kids. I will openly admit that somedays I dream of being a runaway Mom to Florida :) But I know I would miss all 4 kiddos after a couple hours too. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I cannot tell you what a blessing your posts are to me! I have 13 month old twin boys and baby boy #3 due oct 2nd! I am so excited about my three precious boys, but there are also days I'm incredibly nervous about adding a newborn to our already crazy house and how I'm going to keep up with all three of them. Some days the boys are complete angels and I think "ok, we can do this" and then some weeks are like this past week when both of the boys were really sick and teething, but that didn't slow them down one bit it just made them extremely cranky and I think "ok God, I have no idea what you were thinking"! I wouldn't change a thing though, and I cannot wait to meet our littlest man! It's great to see you can do it, even with challenges! It gives me so much peace and hope for the coming days ahead.

  4. I was tired just reading this post. The girls are nowhere near as rambunctious as the boys but I will say that I do know probably 40% of what you are feeling :) especially the part about the hotel room. But, yes, we would miss them a few hours later. All the best things in life are the hardest, so cliche, but so true. Hang in there friend! You're awesome!

  5. Time will pass, and they will get easier. That's really all I can say. Logan & Jack were awful- climbers who loved to say, empty my mom's sugar canisters on the counter while she peed- and I thought it would never get better. Then one day, I realized I could go to the bathroom or get the mail, and not hear blood curdling screams, or the equally terrifying silence that means something very mischievous is happening. You will survive it.


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