Thursday, September 6, 2012

Month 3: Spending

This month is all about spending. As Jen says:

  "just because I can have it, doesn't mean I should." 

We are limiting our spending to 7 places. This includes doctors and bills (tithing and our sponsor child are exempt)

We have our grocery places, gas places, toiletries place and a farm. No coffee shops, no restaurants, no "oh how I don't want to make lunch so I will swing in here and grab a burger for the kids" places....

When we went over the 7 months with our friends who are doing this with us and planned out the months to fit all of our family issues, we neglected to see that spending month followed media month. That means that last month we couldn't go see movies because that's media and THIS month we cannot go see movies because it's spending month. Crap. 

We did decide that it would be okay to go on a date, and so we did go see a movie (with a gift-card we had!) on September 1st. We chatted about allowing a few more dates...and for us, we decided the rest of this month to do our dates at home. Homemade pizza and a movie after the kids are in bed. We usually try to go out 2-4 times a month and we are blessed to have many friends and family who watch our kiddos for free just because they love us (or our kids)....but for this month we are staying home...unless we find a gift-card in a pocket or purse we forgot about!

I had never craved a Starbucks coffee as bad as I did on our first day of this, and while we do have a free card to use, I didn't want to use it on the first day!

This is going to be a great month, because while we don't spend money in 66 places like Jen's family did....we knew there was a  little "here and there" spending that needed to be reigned in anyways since we are desperately trying to get out of debt. 

I think after this month it will be easier to see what we NEED and what we really don't NEED. And really....many of our "needs" are not needs at all.

First world problems folks.  Excess. Needs and wants and getting smacked upside the head with what we HAVE and the feeling that we are OWED anything more.....that's what this month is about. 


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