Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meeting Blogger Friends

When I would read about other bloggers getting to meet blogging friends, I always wondered what it was like.
Was it awkward?
Did you get along and have fun or was it not what you expected?
I always hoped I'd get to meet someone I met through blogging, and there are so many of you that I would love love love to grab coffee with or watch our kiddos run around together.
If you are ever passing through Southern Oregon or visiting nearby, let me know!

Joleen and I met through Multiples and More while we were both pregnant with our twin boys.
She was almost exactly one month behind me and I enjoyed following her story at
Beauty and the Beef
 and encouraging her and giving her a "heads up" for what was next.
I remember sitting in my chair with my newborns, nursing and reading her delivery story. 

When she contacted me to let me know they'd be a within a few hours of our house, and could we meet, I knew it would need to happen!
We drove up to Union Creek and let the boys run around outside and then grabbed ice cream. My lovely Mom came with and seeing all the boys run around together was adorable.
It was a short visit but I am so glad we could do it. 
Joleen and her hubby are so sweet and I am so thankful she emailed me!

Joleen's littles are Abraham and Winston and as you can see from pictures, they are identical!

Going to meet friends!

All the boys in one shot...nearly impossible :)

Abraham and his baby blues!

Jack jumping...I think he liked being the big kid

Two sets of twins...Wintston (L) Abraham (R) 18 months and Christian (L) Camden (R) 19 months


  1. I've never met another fellow blogger in person.. I always have that same question: Is it awkward??? Maybe we will meet someday :)

  2. So much cuteness in this post! Glad you got to meet an online friend IRL. There are so many bloggy friends I would love to meet in person!

  3. I cannot believe I did not comment on this yet. Seriously I feel like I am a little hamster on a wheel right now =-) I am still so thankful we could meet up and I love your pics. You always do a lovely job editing.