Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Encouraging Blogs and then those others.....

I am ever so grateful for the blogs out there that offer an encouraging word. You know, the ones that seem to meet you where you are at? As a Mom, most days that means vulnerable, a little fried and slightly impatient?

They can point out the things that need to be worked on, mostly talking about themselves, but offering it up to the rest of us. They have a way of doing this that doesn't make you feel guilty or discouraged, but quite the opposite.

These kinds of bloggers are a treasure, and so much of why I blog and read blogs to begin with.

Then there are those bloggers who I really think mean well, but almost every post seems pointed at "someone else" and they mask it with encouraging words here or there, but in reality it leaves you raw and wondering what dug at their skin that day? What person ticked them off enough to write a post to "us women" but seems to speak to a few or rather one other person.

I wonder sometimes people hit publish. I wonder if they even know that the majority of their posts are not uplifting in the slightest, but condemning and thoughtless.

I have found a blog or two like that, and I keep hoping for a good nugget here or there, and sometimes there is one...but I have decided to avoid them in general because why would I read that when I could read things that uplift my soul and breathe a breath of fresh air into my day.

I am sure you have some blogs that come to mind when you think of that, and I would love for you to share in the comments!

Here are some of my go-to blogs that keep me encouraged and challenged without feeling "scolded"

Finding Joy- Rachel is a Mama of 7 who homeschools and has a heart for encouraging Mom's. Her posts are inspired and have done wonders for this Mama's heart. Especially check out her "Dear Mom" series which you will find a link to on her sidebar!

Draw Near- Ashley is actually the sister of a friend of mine, and I happened upon a post she wrote for (in)courage and then made the connection! She has a beautiful way of writing and is ever transparent. She will speak life to your soul.

A Holy Experience- This is Ann Voskamp's blog. Not a day goes by where this blog doesn't almost bring me to tears (in a good way)

We are THAT Family- encouraging, practical, challenging .....this is what you get every time you read this blog. Plus they have fun giveaways and cool crafty things :)

What are your go-to encouraging blogs to read?


  1. i love YOUR blog for keeping me uplifted. your blog might not be of the genre necessarily, but through your life and example, you lift me up and inspire me to live a better life.

    thank you!