Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping: Not for the faint of heart

After our quick trip to Portland for the wedding, we were planning on taking our time driving to the coast for our camping trip. We thought we'd take the long route and stop at a few coastal towns along the way.

The trip started rough with crying kiddos, and only escalated. Christian was screaming so bad we stopped an hour south of where we left only to discover Trevor had left his wallet at a Starbucks in Portland. We called, they had it, so we turned around to go get it. 

We had to make a few more stops because of the screaming and realized we would be pulling into the campsite near 11:00pm, then trying to set up everyone's beds and things in the dark. Not fun.

We decided to drive all the way home and just take off early the next morning for the coast (about a 2 hour drive) It was a great decision because the boys slept great that night and we got to be at home the next morning for Jack's Birthday and grab a donut!

My family has always camped in only one spot. Brooking, Oregon. Right on the coast. You don't have to deal with mosquitoes or hot weather and they have YURTS. Love it. This was our first camping trip with the twins. Let me tell you what, it was exhausting. Even though we had help from our family, trying to keep them from the fire-pit or the road was crazy. 

They slept really good at night, and we just let them nap in the strollers during the day...but there was hardly any down time. It was fun, and we made good memories and Jack was the perfect age and had a blast....loving "swimming" in the water, even though our ocean is freezing cold. He could care less. The boys had never walked on the sand before and Camden loved it and was not afraid of the waves, Christian took a bit to warm up to it and stayed close by.

Next time we go they will be 3 almost 3 1/2 and it will be a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. 

I am glad we went, and my family is just amazing and we couldn't' have done it without them. I have tons of pics, they are all beware :)

Hey. Get up off my sand castle brothers!

Auntie and Christian

Auntie and Jack eating muffins

Auntie and the twins

Love this. Uncle, Jack and Auntie

Cam and his pancake

He kills me

Cam running to Daddy

Mommy and the bear

He loved it 
The boys watching my Dad be goofy :)

Chilling by the fire

My Dad loves his firewood!

My Dad and cousin Gwen


Mommy and Christian

Starting to warm up to the sand

Corn on the Cob eaters

Cousins! And a sunny day :)

Curt (family friends aka Grandparents in Training ) and Cam

And with Christian

And with Jack

Curt and Nette and the littles...they are so loved

Oh just Trev and a GIANT rice krispie treat

Camden is in heaven

Hubby and Daddy

Christian is a monkey

Oh just Trev and some corn on the cob

Love this

My Dad and his sons-in-law :)

Jack and a new car he got for his Birthday

MR. Dimple

Happy Camper

He was shivering and turning blue but got mad when we left...Oregonian in it's truest form!

Get it son!

Nama and Jack

My Mom brought paint to decorate rocks...she's brilliant

He had his own "fire-pit" flame free :)

Nama and her boys

My parents. I love them. They are kinda the best.

They have something special....

Family shot!

Cracks me up

We are a split we show equal support :)

The boys in the sand...notice Trev keeping Cam from diving head first into the water...

Our attempt at a pic of the twins on the beach haha

Uncle and the stack-o-burgers

He loves his Uncle

Uncle and the twins

Last picture before we headed home. Can you say tired?


  1. These pictures are just wonderful! Makes me miss the ocean and camping! You have such a sweet family, blessed indeed!