Monday, September 10, 2012

And then I started running again....

I hated running.

In fact, Jack's preschool teacher this year was my PE teacher in 8th grade and I remember going outside to do "the mile" and she would cheer me on at the end of each lap as I proudly WALKED the entire thing with my arms folded. 

I knew I could run, I was an athlete. I didn't want to run, I was stubborn. 

My Dad started running more regularly at some point and at some point I joined him.
I still didn't like it, but it did wonders on my body and I loved the way I felt after.

I have yet to return to the "running shape" I was in before I had Jack, but I am on my way.

I ran a 10 mile race with a friend in April and instead of it spurring me on to bigger and better things, I was burnt out and never wanted to run again.
It took weeks before I ran again and by that time I had lost the training that I had gained. 

My runs were few and far between and I just wasn't motivated.

My Dad had a triple-bypass in March. 
He had one fully blocked artery and a few other narrowings. 
Had he not been running regularly, he would have had a heart attack. 
Because he ran regularly, his body re-routed the blood flow and he was stable.
The only tip-off he had that anything was wrong was chest pain while running. 

Taking medication didn't relieve the pain he had while running, so that's why he had the surgery.
To get back to running. He was stable otherwise, but he wanted to be himself again and to keep in shape.

Next month my Dad will run his first 5k in over a year and only 7 months after his surgery.
My sister and I are running with him.

Although he keeps saying he's just glad to be there together, we are committed to crossing that finish line together. 

So I am once again, starting from scratch (about 4 weeks into re-training myself) and I am looking forward to that morning when my Dad, sister and I cross that line together and are smiling ear to ear with pride at my Dad and what he's accomplished and the fact that he can run.

I have a bigger goal in mind. 
It involves the word HALF and it's in San Diego in June. 

PS: I still don't like running....but when I'm done I feel great

Do you run?

I recommend the Couch to 5k program to get you started, it's a proven method!

Linking up with Carissa today for some Miscellany...Carissa is a runner :)

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  1. I run. I was a strict runner before becoming pregnant with my boys (who just turned 2 in July) - but I have not gotten back into running again & I miss it. I do it here & there and I really want to but time and real-life take over. I don't love running but I LOVE how I feel after a good run.

    My goal is to start out running at least 2 times a week through out the winter on the treadmill. With the exception of last week I have kept up with that for 3 weeks. i hate that it is getting darker earlier now because I run after my boys are in bed and my runs will have to come inside really soon & that's not as motivating.

    Good for you & good luck!!

  2. I just started running myself (have a 3, 2 and 1 year old twins :) and have an end goal of a half in May but am RUNNING my first 5K on Sunday, it's for my Mom's Ovarian Cancer Awareness organization that she heads up. Such a great motivator to do something as healthy as running with family, I know I'll have tears in my eyes when I cross the finish line! You're such an inspiration!!! God bless!

  3. I DO NOT run, but I think I would run for a good cause, like you! That is so awesome that you're doing it as a family, so special.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love how it feels when I am done, but I dread the idea of doing it, at least most of the time..
    Running is therapy for my mind, body and soul! It helps me get rid of the brain chatter and stay focused on the good in life...

    I stay motivated to run so I can continue my journey being seizure free..