Thursday, August 2, 2012

His grace is sufficient....

I heard something yesterday and it really had an impact on me.
It was one of those, "ouch that hurts!" moments but then it made me laugh.

God won't give you grace for things you make up
*pin drops*

*Originally published in March 2010 and updated July 2012*

 I thought to myself, wow that is true. I could spend my entire day playing the "what if" game. 
That thought could consume me, drive me crazy and rob me of the joy in life.
There are days I have let my "what if's" rule and even on the days where I didn't spend the entire day playing that game, a good portion of my thoughts still traveled there.
I could worry myself into a frenzy.

What if something happens to Trevor on his way to work?
What if Jack falls and hurts himself so bad I have to rush to the ER?
What if my parents get into a car accident?
What if I don't get pregnant ever again?
Would I adopt?
What if I get pregnant and lose the baby again?
What if we have another baby and it's born with problems?
What if finances get worse?
What if?
What if?

What kind of life is that?  I feel like God sometimes wants to shout GET A GRIP LADY!
There is no possible way that you can be fruitful if you live life like that.

 How is God supposed to really use someone who plays that game. It's such a trap. It's so unhealthy and it keeps you stuffed in a box barely able to breathe instead of swallowing big giant gulps of life!

I heard that quote and in true form, I heard a couple songs with a similar theme and then my devotions were around this same topic.

I think God was trying to tell me something.

I heard you.

Let it go Krystle.

Let me.
Let me worry about those things for you.
Let me take care of you.
Trust me.

Do you trust me?
Do you TRUST me?

Show me


God is so patient. I think I have put Him on this "God shelf" lately and figured that He was God and He'd do whatever He wanted and my "issues" were a separate matter.
I know better. But I found myself in this spot.

Oh Jesus
 Thank you
Thank you for loving me and caring about all those little spots in my life.
The ones I think are insignificant to you.
Thanks for the gentle smack upside the head
I needed it


  1. I found your blog at CSAHM listing. I too have struggled in this area...worry and the "what if's". I am working on myself in this area. My second was born with Down Syndrome and I have learned how amazing God is and that he always gives you exactly what you need :-)

    Kelli @