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Sarah is one of my newest blogging buddies, she contacted me about an ad swap and I readily agreed! I love her blog, her boys are adorable and she's just so darn real. She is sharing today about a day in the life with her twin boys. Don't forget to swing by her blog after and browse around! 

I'm so privileged to be able to guest post on Krystle's blog today.  I think what she and her family are doing by trying to get rid of the "excess" in their life is awesome.  I admire her(them) a lot for that, as we also try to live a simpler life, less full of "stuff".  

We are Jeremy and Sarah.  
Adventurers and little kids at heart.
Married for 4 years so far.

Jeremy is a dreamer and a car enthusiast, who loves Led Zeppelin and hiking.
Sarah is a nurse and a vegan, self-taught cook/baker, who loves converse shoes and biking.

We welcomed identical twin boys to join us in this world 1 year ago.  (Judah & Foxx)
They are our everything.
We blog about our everyday adventures with our boys.

I thought we'd give you just a little glimpse into a typical day in our house. 


sorry for the awful picture quality...old school cell phone pic with poor lighting
0600(ish):  Baby boys wake up, come to bed with us.  When they were younger, the boys would snuggle with us and go back to sleep for a while longer.  Now though, we just get kicked in the head a bunch while they roll around on top of us.

0700:  After some bruises, we get up, go downstairs, change diapers and make the boys some milk.  Then the boys play for a while, happy and fresh-faced.  A little later, they'll eat some breakfast, which is usually a cereal bar and a banana (or other fruit).

Boys playing peek-a-boo with each other                                  

0830:  They play and play while I usually work on getting some housework done, or we sometimes to grab breakfast with friends, or run an errand or two.  

1100:  We then sit down to eat lunch.  Lunch usually consists of leftovers from the previous nights' dinner, or sandwiches, fruits, and veggies  (or whatever we can scrounge up, really). 


1230:  The boys take a nap after lunch, which can last anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours (naps are pretty inconsistent with our boys...its been super frustrating, but I think it's starting to get better).  

0200: After naps, we usually go out and do something, like bike riding, or hiking, or out for a neighborhood walk.

0330:  We'll then come home, grab a snack and sometimes run to the grocery store to grab some food for dinner.

0500:  The boys play with daddy when he comes home, while I make dinner.

Boys being silly in their hats.
0530:  Dinner time!  I love dinner time, especially now that the boys are completely on solid foods.  We can all sit down and eat together, and all eat the same thing.  (except for when Foxx decides he doesn't want to try to use a bowl and spoon.  He'd rather eat his chicken and dumplings straight off his tray, with his fingers)

0600:  Play a little more before bed.

Judah, practicing walking
0630: bathtime!

(that's raspberry juice on the sides of their legs)

0645: Read books, have some milk, rock, sing and go to sleep!

0700:  After the kiddos are asleep, we typically catch up on housework, wash and restuff our cloth diapers, blog, read, or watch a movie together.  We're typically in bed by 11.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our day!  You can read more about our everyday lives over at  my blog, Newborn Grownups.  


  1. I love this because this resembles my day with my twin boys so much ... it's busy and crazy but there are beautiful, amazing moments sprinkled in all. the. time. So fun to read about other twin mommas!! :-)


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