*New* Sponsorship!

There is a new tab up there ^ !

I have started accepting sponsors for my blog. It's super easy, and user friendly. Here are the details:

 If there is a size that is sold out, no worries. 
You can purchase ad space for when the currently listed spaces expire.

 - Ad space runs for 30 days.

 - Do you need a button? If you purchase ad space, and don’t know how or just don't want to make one, I can make one for you! Send me a couple of your favorite photos and I’ll put one together for you. For free (it’s included in all ad space purchases). Just purchase your ad space, and send me and email at 3littlemenandamommy(dot)com, including a link to your blog and pictures for the button. I’ll update your ad, after the button is finished. 

Everything is done through www.passionfruitads.com and is secured with PayPal.

If you want to see your little ad over there on the side of my blog for either a business, blog or website that fits what I'm doing here on this blog 
(Mommy blogs, religious blogs, etsy shops, photography blogs,etc)
click away!

Email me if you have any other questions!

Also, if you are a MOM (Mom of Multiples) and you want your ad over there, I am willing to do an ad swap, so let me know and I can give you the promo code to enter so there is no charge for you :)


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