Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mr. Fearless

He climbs. He has no fear. I have found him climbing the dining room chairs, the covered water table outside, the couch,  the baby gate and onto the keyboard bench. He was using the deck outside to leverage himself onto the water table, so I moved the table to the middle of the deck. He pushed the shopping cart over to the table, climbed into it and then up on top of the water table.

He doesn't just climb onto the couch, he then runs on it and has no fear that running off the side, falling to the hardwood floor would be dangerous.

He thinks it's hilarious, the game he plays with Mommy...the "no, sit on your bottom" game.

I am afraid to go to the bathroom for fear he will crack his head open or break his neck in those 30 seconds.

He is giving me anxiety.

After rescuing him from the baby gate yesterday, I held him close and instantly remembered this little 5lb baby who was hooked up to machines, helping him to remember to breathe. He just laid there, quietly, staring at me looking so helpless. His little body having a hard time remembering to breathe, his jaundice causing him to be so tiny and so precious.

I laugh now, thanking God for his health, for his spirited nature, for his fearlessness. Remembering like it was yesterday we only wanted him home in our arms, this sleepy quiet little man.

Yes, he will push my limits and stretch my patience. He will test my resolve and scare me half to death. He is so full of life and personality and joy. I am so thankful. So blessed.

I am writing this here, because I know I will need to reference this often. When the days are long, and the patience runs out. I will need to come back here, and read these words and remind myself again.


  1. Precious! We too have a little climber in our pair & I can relate to keeping an extra watchful eye on him. It's amazing how tough the Lord can make such little people! It sounds like there is never a dull moment. Good times!