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Miscellany Monday


1) the twins turned 16 months. post to follow shortly with adorable pictures....i will say that on the day they turned 16 months aka yesterday, they turned into little toddler monsters.

2) i did a **boo-boo and was trying to redo my blog header. well, it told my my picasa web album was full so i needed to buy (?!) more space. silly that, i'll just delete some. so i did. turns out, that means it deletes them off your blog. i deleted a few hundred. so now there are lots and lots of gorgeous pictures missing from my blog post. someday, i may go back and fix them all but it's a tad overwhelming to think about. my header is messed up and some of my ad buttons bleh blah!!!!  and we also think Jack hit a nice combo on the keyboard and deleted EVERY photo file we had...and Trev has been recovering heart attack.

3) i thought about switching to wordpress after all that. turns out it's more spendy than i thought. i'll just stick here awhile.

4) yep them are some ads over there on the right >> i have ads now. why? because maybe you see something you like over there and then you click and buy and then i get money to go towards this awesome blog that can be made even awesomer. those aren't words, but that's the truth.
phone pic that was then copy and pasted hehe

5) today is my daddy's birthday. he's pretty much the coolest, most amazing man i know and i love him to death. my sister and i get to take him shopping for a whole new wardrobe on friday. he's a legit dresser, his clothes are just either falling off him now or they are worn the heck out. i'm excited.

6) relay for life was pretty amazing and exhausting and a full post is coming is just a sneaky peek of a few shots

7) below are the links to a few of the books I'm reading!

1- Stuff Christian's Like- seriously, laughing so hard reading this. i've been reading it at night out loud and it's like my whole life as a Christian in a the "traditional" Christian church thing all wrapped in a book and it's hilarious.

2- Ready or Not....There We Go!- this is making me laugh and scaring me to death...raising twin toddlers....gulp

3- How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen & Listen So Your Kids Will Talk- saw this recommended someplace else and the Library had it so I get to read it for free! Just read the intro, will update you later

4) Morning and Evening- Classic short devotional, always good

5) 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I am borrowing a friends (for now) haven't actually started it (other than the intro) I'm excited and's something we've talked about doing and we may just begin here soon with some others. will definitely keep you posted on it.


Happy Summer by the up with my friend Carissa for your Miscellany!


  1. There would be some Major Drama over here if anything happened to the photo files! Glad you're able to recover them - whew!

  2. happy happy summer time! And goodness, if I had a nickel for every time I messed something up on blogger, or with technology:-) xoxo

  3. LOVE the "Ready or Not....There We Go!" book!! I just got done with year two and laugh everytime I read it. Everything is so true - kind of scary!!


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