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Jack's Last Day of School

Jack finished his first year of school last Wednesday!

We decided last summer that we thought it would be good for Jack, and for Mommy for him to do Preschool. Just a few hours a day, three times a week to get out of the house, meet other kiddos and not have to fight for Mommy's attention with the little guys and spend some time learning. 
We chose to send him to a private Christian school (same one I went to) and we are so glad we did.

Having just turned 3, only three weeks before the cut-off we recognized that this was more of a "throw away" year, and it was about having fun and making friends and knew all along we'd do the Preschool year twice. We want him to not be the youngest in school ( I strongly believe this is important especially for boys to be older!!!)

He really loved school and his teacher and made some wonderful friends.
He learned so much and by the end of the year we were told he definitely was ready for Pre-Kindergarten. We knew we had a smart cookie, but decided to still do Preschool again next year to give him that extra edge of being even more confident in himself!

We plan on again sending him to this same private Christian school.
We feel that homeschooling is not the route we should take, and the same goes for public school and we continue to pray that God provides the tuition to send our kids here.
Small classes, teachers who reinforce what we are teaching our kids at home, and who pray for our win.

The pictures are adorable, but I don't have permission to post of the other kiddos so you will only see Jack.
He really only wanted to say goodbye to Alice :) 
You can see her long brown hair in the pictures....just like Mommy's :)

They performed their favorite songs and poems for us.

And had a few of the girlies take pics with him.
Heartbreaker at age 3...

Jack and his teacher, whom he loved

Jack's favorite aide. He was her favorite too...she got him a Star Wars pen :)


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