Friday, June 8, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday: I blog because...

......I like being able to connect with others, keep our family updated and share about what God's doing in our lives.
I started this blog soon after we lost our 2nd baby as an outlet to express kind of where my heart was at and I used it as sort of an online journal, really only having a few followers.
I just began writing more and more and then using the blog to document the twin pregnancy and updates on all three boys and then it became even more. 

I've met some incredible people, learned a lot about myself and I love knowing I can print this puppy off into a book and never forget the moments and the journey. 

I've had the privilege of guest blogging here and here
and I've had some incredible people blog on my site as well like this one and this one I've hosted fun giveaways, done some reviews and I really hope as I write more (if these little boys give me some time) that I grow in that area and really stretch myself. 

Sometimes I forget people other than myself read this, and then you post the sweetest comments and email me encouraging things and I am continually blown away. 
Thank you for reading, thank you for befriending me via blogs :)

What about you?
Why do you blog?
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  1. I blog because it's freeing. I can speak my mind, write what I want and express myself. I like that I can look back over the years and read the memories and see photos of things that I've blogged about. It's like an online journal for me. I've met some amazing people as well and I love the circle of bloggers that I call my friends. :) I'm glad you blog cuz I love reading it!

  2. I blog because sometimes I feel compelled to write something the Lord has laid on my heart. :)

  3. I blog because I like to show my Grandmother and the rest of our family pictures of my kiddos, I like to have an outlet to share my feelings but I mostly just treat it as a journal and like you, often forget that people other than me are gonna read it!

  4. I blog because it allows me to freely speak my mind , connect with others, grow as a person and have a personal diary that I can always look back on.. I love this post!!

  5. I blog because if I don't, I'm afraid I'll forget all the wonderful things that make our kids and our family awesome to us.....I want to be able to share how we lived and the memories we made with our kids and our grandkids down the road. Trust me, my mind is a mushpit and without the written posts, I'd probably forget what I did yesterday!