Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Minute Friday- Risk

Five Minute Friday


I have never been a risk taking person. Ever. I like my "comfort" and my "plans". I felt safe in those things, even though I know I shouldn't. I was good at telling myself that although I needed this stuff in order to feel secure, my security came in Christ. I lied to myself. 
Something has changed in me, and my heart and the things I saw as risky before are no longer. Living in Christ should be risky, and it should look completely foolish to others. It's Biblical. Where have we missed that? How did we get sucked into this "American Dream" and think we could play both sides of the field? 
We can't. We either choose to jump and take a risk or two or spend our lives taking risks, or we stay comfortable planning our every move, leaving no room for HIM to move us. 
I'm diving in. I'm not going to wish I had taken more risks for Him because I'm going to do it. Whatever IT is....

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  1. Yes to all of the above. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love what you said, "It's Biblical." It's hard to live different from the world, but how rewarding it is!

  3. Love this. Love you. With this new perspective you've got - does it make more sense that I've struggled with as many cultural differences as I have? Just wonderin'.

  4. Amen, I love this topic, so many of us are being called higher! May the Lord FILL us with boldness and courage for doing His will!

    Bless you sister! :)

  5. Love it. We do get so sucked into our security, but don't think life following Jesus looks that comfortable and safe.