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Mr. Fearless

He climbs. He has no fear. I have found him climbing the dining room chairs, the covered water table outside, the couch,  the baby gate and onto the keyboard bench. He was using the deck outside to leverage himself onto the water table, so I moved the table to the middle of the deck. He pushed the shopping cart over to the table, climbed into it and then up on top of the water table. He doesn't just climb onto the couch, he then runs on it and has no fear that running off the side, falling to the hardwood floor would be dangerous. He thinks it's hilarious, the game he plays with Mommy...the "no, sit on your bottom" game. I am afraid to go to the bathroom for fear he will crack his head open or break his neck in those 30 seconds. He is giving me anxiety. After rescuing him from the baby gate yesterday, I held him close and instantly remembered this little 5lb baby who was hooked up to machines, helping him to remember to breathe. He just laid there, quietly, staring at

What's Coming.

From a few of my latest posts you know that God is doing some stuff in our lives and in our hearts, and while we can't put a "what" on that part of it right now because we are waiting on Him for what the what even means (did ya follow that?! ha!)  we can prepare our hearts and our lives. We were extrememly challenged by Jen Hatmaker's book 7. It's not meant to be a formula or a "this is how to do it" type thing, but it definitely hit home. So, along with two other families, we are doing our own "7" starting July 1st. We are kind of meshing 7 and Love Does and some of our own stuff in there, but the concept is the same. It's a fasting from something in order to clear space in our hearts, and time for Him. We are doing it with two other families for accountability and while I will be letting you know what's going on, most blogging about this subject will be at a new and differnent location that will be a collaberation between our fami

*Update on Karagen*

Hi friends, many of you remember Karagen's story I shared here a few months back. Her Mom is a fellow blogger and Pastor's wife. You can read about her story here and here . Karagen's first radiation treatment wreaked havoc on her poor body, and it was extremely hard for her and her family. She was given a 15% survival rate with aggressive near debilitating treatment, so they made the decision to switch to palliative care. Her Mom wrote more detail here . My heart aches for this sweet family, would you please keep them in your prayers.

Miscellany Monday

It's been a few weeks, but I'm back at it with some Miscellany. Such a busy weekend.  These are all phone pics by the way.... Adorable, no? We all just woke up Scuba Cam Crazy I tell you....crazy That water was nasty let me tell you Thursday night was spent at Starbucks with my buddy , writing. Yes, more details to come :) Friday morning I spent with my best friend who had just gotten back from The World Race. Remember this story ? Yeah, well....she's working on a follow-up story, and let me tell you what, she has stories to tell! We spent the morning at our favorite catch-up place laughing, crying and drinking great coffee and eating the best bagels in the world. Friday night was date night and I took my hubby to Red Lobster. He loves crab. Loves. And it's like a once a year treat. He thoroughly enjoyed his pound and a half of crab. Saturday morning was a little stamping/scrapbooking card party thingy that my other best friend hosted. I am not a crafty person like that

Happy Saturday!

Cam loves the water Finally got a few shots of Christian How YOU doin'? How I love them Cracks me UP!

5 Minute Friday- Risk

Risk I have never been a risk taking person. Ever. I like my "comfort" and my "plans". I felt safe in those things, even though I know I shouldn't. I was good at telling myself that although I needed this stuff in order to feel secure, my security came in Christ. I lied to myself.  Something has changed in me, and my heart and the things I saw as risky before are no longer. Living in Christ should be risky, and it should look completely foolish to others. It's Biblical. Where have we missed that? How did we get sucked into this "American Dream" and think we could play both sides of the field?  We can't. We either choose to jump and take a risk or two or spend our lives taking risks, or we stay comfortable planning our every move, leaving no room for HIM to move us.  I'm diving in. I'm not going to wish I had taken more risks for Him because I'm going to do it. Whatever IT is.... Head over here and link up for your own 5 Minute Frid

Where I am At

This is more or less an update of sorts.  My brain is so full it's near exploding.  God is doing some incredible things in our lives and we are just on the tip of it. God is moving. We are being sifted.  I have been given an opportunity to step back into the ministry I was doing before I got pregnant with the twins, and I am beyond excited. I look forward to sharing more with you as it comes to fruition. It involves, my heart...teen mama's and their babies.  I am meeting with another writer tonight and we are hashing out some stuff, so be on the lookout for more on that ;) Talk about a teaser huh?  I want to at least give you a glimpse into what is going on in our hearts and what is on my mind as of late. I could spend a really long time typing away, or I could direct you to a few links that give you an idea.  So, if you are interested, and have some moments to spare....check out these  4  different links and you will get a taste. 1)   7 2) 3) 4)    The Fearless  Experiment On

My 28 year old body.....

This has been sitting in my "drafts" for months. I've been too afraid to hit publish. Too worried about what you would think.  But, I'm doing a lot more stuff these days that I am afraid of.  So here goes nothing...... I fully intended being "that mom" who was back in her pre-preggo jeans within 3 months or so. I was positive, that after my 6 week check-up, I'd be cleared to workout again and I'd just jump right back into the gym thing. (*disclaimer...some of you are "that mom" and that's okay...I'm only slightly jealous) "I'll just breastfeed him, head to the gym while Trev is home with him and then come home and shower" Duh. So simple. I fully intended on being "that mom" that always took a shower and got dressed and did her hair and make-up every morning, and did not spend the day in sweats with her hair in a ponytail. I was getting back into my heels, thank you very much. And plus, I was going to do the &

Wordless Wednesday- Just Jack

To my Daddy and my Baby Daddy

I was raised by the best and I married the best. Happy Father's Day to the two men who exemplify what being a Dad is more than any other man I know. I am so blessed, my kids are so blessed and others are blessed by your example.

5 Minute Friday

From The Gypsy Mama:  For five minutes flat.  No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.  Write and see what comes out. There’s no right or wrong. When I think of a path, I think of it being well worn, easily followed and clear. I think these things because the path is only there because people have walked it before. Many miles. Many feet. Many times. You see the signs to "Stay on the Path" and you know that's the way to go. Great, follow that and you're safe. I think that's where I've always been. Someone who's followed the path walked before them, trusting in those before me to lead me to where I needed to go. I am feeling that it's time I make the path. Someone has to start walking that way in order for their to be a path in the first place, I think I want that person to be me. Even if it looks a little crazy, or wrong. People who make paths are out for an adventure, to go where someone d

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Twins Birth Story

The Belly I had really hoped and prayed for a vaginally delivery, but these boys got set into their positions around 20 weeks and never moved. My OB was scheduled to be out of town my 37th week, and I was already dilated to a 3, having lots of contractions, and the NST's (non-stress tests) were starting to look a bit iffy. So, we scheduled my c-section for February 10th at 7:30 in the morning, when I was 36 weeks and 3 days. My sweetie and I drove to the hospital, rocking out to some MJ and Toby Mac! As we got there, my Dad pulled in and later my sweet friend Lacie who was there to photograph the day! Followed by her, was my in-laws and my close friend Helen. My sweet Mama was home with Jack! We seriously rocked out to all sorts of awesome tunes, the spirit in the room was celebratory and loud! After getting all prepped, Trevor and I walked down the hall and into the O.R. Just a few minutes past 7:30 my second born, twin A, entered the world!                                        

Get Messy

My husband took Jack out and about the other day, to work and then on some errands. They stopped for coffee and grabbed Jack a smoothie.  This particular coffee stop puts a nice little chocolate covered coffee bean on the top of your cup or your whip cream, it's an added touch of yum. Jack was super excited to see his bean on top and just as he was about to snatch it up, it sunk to the bottom of his cup.  Bummer.  He asked, "Daddy, can I get it?" "No buddy, we're going to have to wait until we can get home so I can dig it out for you, if you tried right now, it'd make a big mess." "Okay"  As my husband recounted this story to me, he brought up this perfect analogy.  I had to share because it got me.  You know what? If we would have let him, Jack would have dug right in and despite the sticky mess, he'd have grabbed up that chocolate bean in a heartbeat. There would have been whip cream all over his hands, his shirt and probably the car. It&

Miscellany Monday

***BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTION BECAUSE I MADE A BOO-BOO-- SEE BELOW** 1) the twins turned 16 months. post to follow shortly with adorable pictures....i will say that on the day they turned 16 months aka yesterday, they turned into little toddler monsters. 2) i did a **boo-boo and was trying to redo my blog header. well, it told my my picasa web album was full so i needed to buy (?!) more space. silly that, i'll just delete some. so i did. turns out, that means it deletes them off your blog. i deleted a few hundred. so now there are lots and lots of gorgeous pictures missing from my blog post. someday, i may go back and fix them all but it's a tad overwhelming to think about. my header is messed up and some of my ad buttons bleh blah!!!!  and we also think Jack hit a nice combo on the keyboard and deleted EVERY photo file we had...and Trev has been recovering heart attack. 3) i thought about switching to wordpress after all that. turns out

16 Months!

You all, it was crazy. They turned 16 months last Sunday and I swear, a little switch flipped and they became crazy monster toddlers. Here was the first few hours of my morning with them: Mommy's making pancakes, griddle plugged into side outlet, we can now reach that, so we should. Mommy spends 15 minutes teaching us "no" and "do not touch that". Mommy can see before her, the hot griddle going down on top of us because we are pulling the cord. Mommy thinks the placement of this outlet is dumb. We scream and scream and throw massive tantrums until our pancakes are done and we have now moved on. We decide throwing our pumpkin pancakes all over the floor is much more fun than eating them, even if they were special pancakes and not the usual ones she makes and even if it did take her twice as long to make them. Mommy catches Christian with his skinny little arm in the cupboard, hehe there IS a child lock on it, but Christian can squeeze his arm in there and he gra

Fill in the Blank Friday: I blog because...

......I like being able to connect with others, keep our family updated and share about what God's doing in our lives. I started this blog soon after we lost our 2nd baby as an outlet to express kind of where my heart was at and I used it as sort of an online journal, really only having a few followers. I just began writing more and more and then using the blog to document the twin pregnancy and updates on all three boys and then it became even more.  I've met some incredible people, learned a lot about myself and I love knowing I can print this puppy off into a book and never forget the moments and the journey.  I've had the privilege of guest blogging here and here and I've had some incredible people blog on my site as well like this one and this one I've hosted fun giveaways, done some reviews and I really hope as I write more (if these little boys give me some time) that I grow in that area and really stretch myself.  Sometimes I forget people other than myse