*Update* on Miss Karagen

You'll remember that I posted about little Miss Karagen here and her new battle with cancer.

I wanted to give you all an update, as I've had numerous emails asking about how she is doing and even some wonderful emails from strangers about where they can send packages to. You all are amazing.

Karagen has had one round of chemotherapy and they have harvested her stem cells (which took much shorter than planned and went great!)
Since Karagen's hair started falling out, her parents shaved her head so the transition would be smoother...I remember how hard it was for my Dad to shave my Mom's hair off and I just can't imagine how it must have been for her parents.

Her tumors have shrunk after the chemotherapy and she was transferred to National Rehab Hospital.

They made the decision today to bring Karagen home and then take her back for chemotherapy this weekend, and then home again. They felt that it would be good for the family to all be together and I agree so much.
After this second round of chemotherapy, they will need to decide on radiation or brain surgery. These are tough decisions for them to make, and they are requesting extra prayer for this. They will need to wait until her body has gained strength back after the chemotherapy, so there is time...but it's going to be a tough call.

Karagen is loving the gift packages and the family continues to be so thankful for the love and support their family, friends and strangers have shown them.

Here is the sweetie and her new hairdo. How cute is she and her baby sister??!!
Karagen and GraceyAnna

The link to her Facebook page is here, and they update it often. 

If you feel compelled to send a care package to Karagen, her siblings or her Mommy and Daddy, please send me an e-mail at krystle.bowen@gmail.com so I can give you their address. 


  1. Will keep praying! Love her flower head band! So cute! Thanks for the update!!


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