Saturday, May 12, 2012

To you, women, on this special day....

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Whether or not you are a Mommy, each of you women play a part in some child's life. Whether by Aunt, Cousin, Sister, friend, teacher, youth worker,  or just by a random encounter with a child on any given moment. You have the opportunity to speak life to a child, to be an example and to show grace and compassion.

To all the single Mom's out there, I pray extra special grace on you this weekend, and thank you for all you do for your children, you have a very tough job and we commend you. You will not get that "break" most Mommy's ask for today, but know you are loved deeply.

 To those of you Mom's who are alone today while your husband is serving our country, thank you for the extra sacrifice you make for yourself and your family and I pray today you are filled with joy and know you are loved no matter if you wake up to flowers or not.

I am thinking of you, dear ladies, who ache to be a Mom and for one reason or another have not yet become one. Today will be hard on you, I know, and we do not forget about you today. I pray that your heart is filled today with love, that grace is extended to you and that no one would cause you any undo pain today.

To those of you who have lost their Mom's and they are no longer here, I pray today you would be comforted and be able to remember them in a way that sets your heart free. 

I am beyond blessed to have a wonderful Grandma, a wonderful Mother and a wonderful Mother-in-Law. These three women have been incredible examples to me of love, sacrifice, joy, grace, persistence, faithfulness and strength. I am thankful that on this day, only 9 months after my Mom's cancer diagnosis, I have her here with me.

I am so blessed to be a Mom of my three boys here, and my angel baby in heaven. Such a privilege to be called Mommy.

The day I became a Mommy.....
The day I became a Mommy again...

Happy Mother's Day, I am un-plugging tomorrow, which is why you are seeing this on Saturday :)


  1. This was so beautiful. Happy mothers day!


  2. such a sweet post. you are a beautiful mother. i hope your day was truly wonderful. and that you were spoiled. : )