Monday, May 14, 2012

MoM Pregnancy with Multiples

Linking up with Jennifer and MoM this week and this topic is Pregnancy with Multiples!

Top right picture is 20 weeks, morning we found out it was boys!
Second red shirt picture is 30 weeks
Middle picture on the bottom in the middle is 36 weeks exactly
Last picture is of the morning the twins were born 36w4days

My multiple pregnancy was really, very uneventful. I was pretty sick the first 12 weeks, but still managed. After that there was really no issues. I never had preterm labor or anything, in fact, I never even saw a specialist or special U/S tech.
We found out it was two around the 7 week mark because I freaked when I spotted (spotting last time had been the start of my miscarriage) We were totally surprised and excited when we heard her say, "I see two babies and two heartbeats!" We spent the rest of that afternoon visiting our family to share the good news!

I definitely started showing earlier than with Jack, but I love a pregnant belly so I was happy. I felt them very very early, like around 12 weeks I was feeling the "bubble tapping" and I knew exactly what it was.
We found out it was two boys at 20 weeks and began registering for extra things and planning out the next few months of showers and life. We always tried to anticipate that there might be hospitalizations, preterm stuff and all the "fun" stuff that can come with a twin pregnancy, but it never came.

I began dilated just due to the weight of the pregnancy around the 33 week mark, but it was slow and wasn't doing anything. The boys were breech and transverse, so we knew it'd for sure be a c-section ( I was totally bummed about this) I would have days with some pretty consistent contractions but no dilation, so that was good. I started having the normal NST testing and all was looking good, my OB doesn't let his patients go past 37 weeks with twins, we scheduled a c-section for 36w4d and for the week before I was contracting a lot, and put myself on moderate bedrest. He never told me I was on bedrest, just always said to take it very easy. The NST's started to look a little fuzzy and the night before I went in for my c-section I was contracting like crazy. I am pretty positive that I would have had them in the next day or two regardless.

C-section was uneventful, but I am not gonna lie...I hated it. Every single part of it. I was so out of it after and the pain was intense from the surgery and I felt so drugged for days after the boys arrived. They were perfect and needed no NICU at the time. That all changed on the day we were to go home and you can read that here. 

Here is my blog post announcing the twins
Here is their full birth story

I was dilated to a 3/4 when I went for the c-section, gained 24lbs and was measuring 40 weeks when I went in to deliver.


  1. your twins are so cute! i have boy twins too.

  2. Love your boys!!! Thanks for coming to link up girl!! Can't wait to read more of your blog!!:)