Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Gorgeousness

Okay, I said I wasn't going to post until after my trip, and after this one I promise I won't. 
But seriously, these are the cutest kids on the planet and I had to share. did I get 3 gorgeous boys? 
I can't not share this today.

Following the gorgeousness are two collages of the hilariousness that followed. I was laughing so hard, I wished I had been able to take video while taking pictures because it was awesome. 

Behold: The Younger Two of My Gorgeous Three.
You are welcome :)



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winner! *I Am His* ....

The winner of the *I Am His* set from the Redeemed collection sponsored by (in)spired deals is:

Jill with comment number 28 :) Jill, you have 24 hours to get me your mailing address so we can get this shipped, otherwise we will pick a winner!

Jill said...
I just saw this!! I love the necklace...pick me! pick me! :)

my mom is...amazing. and strong. My dad died 3 yrs ago of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 52. She has been so strong since then. She's leaned on her faith in God to make it through, and she's been so intentional with maintaining and starting new friendships and relationships that are supportive. If my husband died, I might curl up in the corner and never come out. But not my mom. She's so strong...and brave. I love her!

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Hi there. See ya soon.

I never really intended to take a little break from blogging, but it sort of happened. We had a busy weekend with our Relay for Life garage sale fundraiser and then I got sick.

Tonight I will have Mr. Randomizer choose a winner for this great set of jewelry (you have until 5:00pm tonight to enter!) and I will announce that tonight!

We are leaving on a little trip this weekend, so I am going to announce the winner and then extend my break until after our getaway. It's good to step back for a bit and thanks for hanging with me and I'm sure I will annoy you with a gazillion pictures when I'm back up and running!

PS: Can you click the Circle of Mom's thing over there on the right and go vote for me? There isn't much time left to vote, and who knows if it will make a difference, but we can try!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

*I am His* from the Redeemed Jewelry Collection (and giveaway!!)

If I were to list everything my Mom has taught me, it would take an entire ream of paper. Truthfully, she has taught me so much in my 28 years that I have a hard time knowing where to start. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this past August and since then she's been telling me, and others that it's not her story, it's His. What He's doing in her life, how He is using her, whatever He chooses to do with her, it's for Him.

I've just celebrated my 4th Mother's Day as a Mom and the things she has taught, and continues to teach me, are already being handed down to my sons. I want them to know that our life is not our own, that we are His and that we are to be used of Him, and although the world is full of ideas to be rich, strong, powerful, and downright selfish, we will choose to follow another path. One that seeks His will, seeks to be selfless and allows Him to shine.

This jewelry set that I was given to review with (in)spired deals is so precious. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's from the Redeemed collection and it's called I am His. It's a two piece set, a necklace (my favorite) which is a simple leaf pendant that has I am His II Thess 2:13 on the back (God chose you from the beginning) and a charm bracelet with several great charms on it and the same verse inscribed in the back of one underneath the word, "treasured".

A beautiful set, inscribed with a beautiful reminder that we are His, we were chosen and He writes our story....I love that this set of jewelry will be a great conversation starter.

And guess what?! I have an extra set to giveaway to one of you! 

How can you enter?

Leave a comment telling me what your Mom (or someone in your life that has been like a Mom) has taught you and one winner will be chosen on Tuesday May 22nd at 5:00pm West Coast 

(if you don't win, or don't want to wait, the set is on sale for $29.99 right now!!)

I adhere to FTC requirements, and just wanted you to know that DaySpring gave me the free product to review and that all opinions stated are my own. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

MoM Pregnancy with Multiples

Linking up with Jennifer and MoM this week and this topic is Pregnancy with Multiples!

Top right picture is 20 weeks, morning we found out it was boys!
Second red shirt picture is 30 weeks
Middle picture on the bottom in the middle is 36 weeks exactly
Last picture is of the morning the twins were born 36w4days

My multiple pregnancy was really, very uneventful. I was pretty sick the first 12 weeks, but still managed. After that there was really no issues. I never had preterm labor or anything, in fact, I never even saw a specialist or special U/S tech.
We found out it was two around the 7 week mark because I freaked when I spotted (spotting last time had been the start of my miscarriage) We were totally surprised and excited when we heard her say, "I see two babies and two heartbeats!" We spent the rest of that afternoon visiting our family to share the good news!

I definitely started showing earlier than with Jack, but I love a pregnant belly so I was happy. I felt them very very early, like around 12 weeks I was feeling the "bubble tapping" and I knew exactly what it was.
We found out it was two boys at 20 weeks and began registering for extra things and planning out the next few months of showers and life. We always tried to anticipate that there might be hospitalizations, preterm stuff and all the "fun" stuff that can come with a twin pregnancy, but it never came.

I began dilated just due to the weight of the pregnancy around the 33 week mark, but it was slow and wasn't doing anything. The boys were breech and transverse, so we knew it'd for sure be a c-section ( I was totally bummed about this) I would have days with some pretty consistent contractions but no dilation, so that was good. I started having the normal NST testing and all was looking good, my OB doesn't let his patients go past 37 weeks with twins, we scheduled a c-section for 36w4d and for the week before I was contracting a lot, and put myself on moderate bedrest. He never told me I was on bedrest, just always said to take it very easy. The NST's started to look a little fuzzy and the night before I went in for my c-section I was contracting like crazy. I am pretty positive that I would have had them in the next day or two regardless.

C-section was uneventful, but I am not gonna lie...I hated it. Every single part of it. I was so out of it after and the pain was intense from the surgery and I felt so drugged for days after the boys arrived. They were perfect and needed no NICU at the time. That all changed on the day we were to go home and you can read that here. 

Here is my blog post announcing the twins
Here is their full birth story

I was dilated to a 3/4 when I went for the c-section, gained 24lbs and was measuring 40 weeks when I went in to deliver.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

To you, women, on this special day....

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Whether or not you are a Mommy, each of you women play a part in some child's life. Whether by Aunt, Cousin, Sister, friend, teacher, youth worker,  or just by a random encounter with a child on any given moment. You have the opportunity to speak life to a child, to be an example and to show grace and compassion.

To all the single Mom's out there, I pray extra special grace on you this weekend, and thank you for all you do for your children, you have a very tough job and we commend you. You will not get that "break" most Mommy's ask for today, but know you are loved deeply.

 To those of you Mom's who are alone today while your husband is serving our country, thank you for the extra sacrifice you make for yourself and your family and I pray today you are filled with joy and know you are loved no matter if you wake up to flowers or not.

I am thinking of you, dear ladies, who ache to be a Mom and for one reason or another have not yet become one. Today will be hard on you, I know, and we do not forget about you today. I pray that your heart is filled today with love, that grace is extended to you and that no one would cause you any undo pain today.

To those of you who have lost their Mom's and they are no longer here, I pray today you would be comforted and be able to remember them in a way that sets your heart free. 

I am beyond blessed to have a wonderful Grandma, a wonderful Mother and a wonderful Mother-in-Law. These three women have been incredible examples to me of love, sacrifice, joy, grace, persistence, faithfulness and strength. I am thankful that on this day, only 9 months after my Mom's cancer diagnosis, I have her here with me.

I am so blessed to be a Mom of my three boys here, and my angel baby in heaven. Such a privilege to be called Mommy.

The day I became a Mommy.....
The day I became a Mommy again...

Happy Mother's Day, I am un-plugging tomorrow, which is why you are seeing this on Saturday :)

15 Months!

The twins turned 15 months on Thursday. It just seems sort of surreal at this point, that they are this age. We had our 15 month check-up Friday and with my guest piece over here on the blog yesterday, that is why we are two days late! :)


Height: 30.75 inches
Weight: 19.5

New things this month: Climbing (thank you Christian for teaching him) saying, "What's that?" (again, he got that from Christian) he will go over to Trev, get close, turn around and back up into him and sit down, it's like he's a little puppy curling up at his feet, it's so adorable. He loves to throw balls, play cars on the floor, complete with car noises, he loves to eat and will ask for a "gookie" aka cookie all day long (now, gookie can mean anything from a cracker to a drink to an actual cookie) He snuggles his brother when he's crying and he loves to find belly buttons. He said "Nama" (my Mom's name from the kids) and that pretty much made her day. He is great at mimicking sounds and making noises and really pays attention to how you talk, like he's really trying to get it right. Sleeping and eating all about the same as usual.
He is still such a Mama's boy and can be a tad whiny at times, mostly because he just wants my attention all the time and I'm hoping that he outgrows that real soon!!
He has become quite the big hugger these days and you know you've got Camden when he gives you a big grin :)



Height: 30.5
Weight: 18

New things this month: Running, full on running. He walked really fast in the past months, but this is really running. He says, "What's that?" all the time. He said "Auntie" last week and he loves to be crazy with Jack. He thinks it's hilarious to whack anyone and anything so we are working on that! He loves loves loves to read books, and turns the pages and makes sure they are upright. He makes the cow noise and the chicken noise (monkey noise has been there for months now) and he and his brothers love to chase the cat.
He loves to snuggle on Camden, but usually post smack. So, he will smack him a few times, then lay his head on him and snuggle. It's so cute and odd and funny. Camden still isn't sure what he thinks about that.
He enjoys tossing things over the deck outside. Eating and sleeping about the same (7-7 most days)
He loves blueberries, Camden does not. They both love watermelon.

Since they are both pretty lean and super active, we are trying to fatten them up. We're putting half and half in their milk cups along with some Ovalitine! And butter and peanut butter on anything we can :) They are totally healthy, just petite (especially Christian)

They still just feel so little to me, and I admit I baby them....they are my babies and they are small and I just am enjoying them.....they are loving being outside almost everyday with Jack and being crazy on the cars and pushing eachother around and throwing balls and splashing in the water.
I hope and pray they become best friends fast.

And now for some pictures, which by the way are extremely hard to come by these days with how fast they move! This is as good as it gets!!

And since we all know it takes 5,000 shots to get 3 good ones, how about some outtakes?!

Happy 15 Months boys :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Blogger! Pam from It's Time for More Coffee

I am so excited to introduce you to Pam! Pam is a Mom of six. Four boys and then...surprise! Twin girls :) 
She is also a Pastor's Wife and was one of the most encouraging people for me during my pregnancy with the twins and especially for breastfeeding and getting out with the kiddos early and often!
She offers great insight as a Mom, a wife and a Mom of twins. Her blog is full of inspiration, encouragement, funnies, giveaways and reviews. I would love for you to add her to your blogroll.
She always responds to comments and e-mails and goes out of her way to make you feel like a real-life friend!

Welcome Pam!

"What I've Learned From Being a Mom To Twins"

Contrary to what strangers tell you in the grocery store, not many moms of multiples always "wished" that they would have twins. As a matter of fact, I think I told a stranger that very thing when I was at my wits end in the cereal aisle with two screaming infants. 

"Who in their right mind would ASK to be sick for the entire 38 weeks of pregnancy, be stretched beyond comprehension, fear for one or both babies health for months and then have two squalling infants to care for...who would WANT THIS?"

No, my friends, I never asked for twins. I can't imagine asking for twins. And yet, when I stare at my two beautiful daughters, I am still in awe at the absolute miracles God created. God's plan, once again is better than mine.

So, one of the first lessons my twins taught me was humility. There are a lot of things I can try and take credit for...but these girls...these miracles, they are all God. He knew just what we needed in our family of boys. He knew that with an age gap of six years between them and the closest sibling that one baby, especially one little girl, would be lonely...and spoiled. And so God gave me not what I asked for, but what I needed. And that, my friends, is humbling.

My girls also taught me how very little control I really have. I spent 10 weeks on modified bed-rest. I could get out of bed, I could leave the house, but I was supposed to spent 90% of my day off my feet. This meant that I had to quit my job (which paid for my sons' private school education), I had to let things slide around the house, and I became increasingly dependent first on my family to help out, and eventually dependent on friends and church members to help me out.  It was hard to let go of the shopping and the meal planning. It was even hard to let go of the laundry (and I hate laundry). I felt very self conscious, like people were viewing me as lazy. But then I learned a lesson. People really do want to reach out and help each other...but we have to let our friends in. Sometimes we need to admit that we need help. I had reached the age of 37 without really knowing how to ask for help, but finally, my twins taught me to unabashedly admit that I need help.

My twins taught me to curb my jealousy. We're a family of 8...with no TLC show. I brought my twins home form the hospital with very little fanfare. Friends and neighbors brought food and gifts, but there was no family spending days, weeks, months with me to make sure that I was still caring for myself. My husband is a pastor, and at the time the girls were born, his church was in crisis, so he was very busy with that. That left me...alone with two babies, tired, and maybe a little depressed. And then I see other families where one baby is born and people swooping in to help and rocking a baby while mom sleeps, and doing her laundry, and doing all kinds of things. And then I remember all of the wonderful things that were done for us...the friends who painted a red room pink while I was at the hospital, the many people praying for us, the friend who sent her cleaning lady to my house the day before my induction so I could come home to a clean house. I learned that every situation is so different. I learned to let go of my jealousy and focus on my blessings. 

I learned how easy I had it as a twin mom. Having already raised 4 singletons past toddler-hood, I was hardly a rookie. The girls nursed easily and well.  They slept terribly, but so had my sons. I learned that my years of multitasking with the boys was preparing me for the juggling I would do with the girls.

Now the girls are two. They are sweet and cuddly, and very, very demanding. They fight, they are willful, and they act like two year olds. Once again, it is hard to take them both out on my own. So they are teaching me patience. I have the perspective to know that this will eventually pass, but I also have the wisdom to know that every outing has the potential for disaster. I'm spending a lot more time at home these days...and so, the twins are teaching me the joys of homemaking. All of this time at home is giving me time to organize and clean!

So no, I would have never asked for twins. I cannot imagine wishing or hoping or praying for another pair. But the truth is this, my life has forever been changed by these two little girls. My body will never be the same, but neither will my soul, my inner being, that has been honed, refined, and made stronger thanks to these unasked for blessing

If you liked this, let me know and go visit Pam too!

You can find Pam here:

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi there, I'm linking up with  Heather over at You Just Wait Til You Have Kids with MoM (Moms of Multiples) link-up Monday and today is all about introducing yourself :)

My name is Krystle and I am Mommy to Jack (will be 4 in three months) and Camden and Christian (15 month twins). This month my husband and I celebrate 9 years of marriage that has gotten better and better each day. We waited 5 years and then started trying for kiddos and welcomed Jack about 11 months later. When Jack turned 1 we got pregnant again only to miscarry at 8 weeks. It took some prompting to get my body back to normal after that, but then 6 months later we were pregnant again and three weeks after that we found out it was fraternal twins!

Yes, three boys and I wouldn't change a thing. All three boys did NICU time for between 7-11 days for minor issues (Jack born at 36w/3d after my waters randomly broke and the twins were born at 36w/4d via c-section) and are perfectly healthy to date. I have the privilege of staying home with them while my sweetie works full time as a Worship Pastor at our church.

I love to blog, workout, read, travel and be with my family, work with teen girls and I do not miss the days of coffee slinging or Medical Assisting before my boys arrived.

Thanks for coming by, looking forward to "meeting" you :)




Miscellany Monday

we had a seriously relaxing, wonderful, simple weekend. our garden beds are full of dirt and ready to be filled (in Southern Oregon the best time to plant is around Mother's Day). We went on walks, played outside, ate with friends and just kind of relaxed. 

 this kid exists to help Daddy in the yard. he leaps into our room at 6:30am declaring it's time to get the rakes and take care of the rocks in the backyard. He loves to sweep, weed, shovel, dig, rake and mow. He'd mow the lawn everyday if we let him. He is in heaven when he is outside getting his hands dirty with Daddy. I love it. 

this picture may look adorable and cute, but in reality they were totally fighting over the mower and screaming at one another. This happens to be a common occurrence in our home these days....

I read this book. Wow. Rocked my world. If you don't read any other book this year, read this. Promise it'll be worth your time. 

found this super cute and fun app, Elmo Calls....they were all totally amazed and it's the cutest thing for .99

Don't forget about Bloggers for Birth Kits. Read here if you missed it and see how you can help a Mom in need this Mother's Day!

In 3 days these little people turn 15 months.

 Crazy. And as of yesterday this little man is 3 months shy of turning 4. What?! 

And speaking of numbers and fun things, in 18 days we go on vacation with some friends. Oh yes I'm ready!

and and last but not least, this picture won a "favorite" spot over at The Paper Mama
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Happy Monday. Link up with my friend Carissa for some Miscellany today!