Prayer for Karagen

This blogging world is pretty amazing, especially when you belong to a blogging world of mostly Mom's. I have 'met' some fantastic women through blogging, some that I hope to someday meet in person.

It's a pretty cool thing, being able to glean from one another, encourage one another and walk each other through life. It doesn't matter where we live, what we believe, or what we look like....and I love that. 

I have a fellow blogging friend who has followed my blog from the start almost, and she is also a pastor's wife. She is so incredibly sweet, and encouraging. I have followed her story since she started following mine.

She is a Mama to 6 adorable kids and they live in Maryland. And friends, she needs our prayers. 

Crystal's oldest daughter Karagen, who is 8 years old, was just diagnosed with cancer on April 4th. A very rare form which has, in a matter of weeks, taken over her body. From Crystals' blog:
"It's called medulloblastoma, a rare brain cancer.  The difference with Karagen's case (hers is very rare) the tumors in her spine are massive, she has them the entire length of her spine. She has the golf ball sized tumor in her brain, and then smaller lesions throughout the brain."
Karagen. Isn't she beautiful?!
Picture from Crystal's Blog
Karagen started having trouble sleeping, crying and waking up at night in pain about 4 weeks ago. Crystal said that one thing led to another which led them to take her to the ER and she wasn't able to walk at that point. Over the next 24 hours and many tests and scans, they saw a 12 inch tumor along her spine, a tumor in her brain and several smaller lesions throughout her brain. They did emergency surgery to the tumor on her spine to try and save her leg function. They were able to remove about 40% of it. 

Karagen starts her chemotherapy today. This form of cancer is so rare, that it's estimated at only about 400 cases a year in the U.S.

She has a 20%-40% of survival, but God is bigger than that. 
Karagen has a big battle before her, but I believe, along with her family that God is bigger than cancer and while we will pray and hope and trust for complete healing in her body, but as Crystal said, "we desire God's will and best for Karagen first and foremost."

Please pray for this sweet girl and her family. This is a link to her Facebook page which will be updated on her care and progress, if you'd like to join. 

Here is where Karagen Roberts is staying

National Children's Medical Center 111 Michigan Ave. NW Washington, DC 20010.

My heart is so burdened for this family, and I want to spread her story so that the rest of this blogging community can gather around in support for her and her family. 
Crystal, Karagen and her Daddy from Crystal's blog


  1. Gah! How heartbreaking. Prayers indeed!

  2. Karagen- what a unique and sweet name! I am going to pray for her right now! God is bigger than Cancer! Praying for and continue to keep us updated!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing our story, we appreciate all the prayer we can get! Karagen is 8 ears old. Thanks for posting this Krystle!

  4. I found your blog through multiples and More and have not commented but enjoyed your blog very much.

    My daughter is seen at Children's National and we live very close to D.C. and go in quite often.

    I wondered if you knew what kinds of thing Karagen likes and if there is something I can also take for her parents.

    I am more than happy to drop it off and offer anything they may need. I just am not sure what she would like and what could also help her parents. They have amazing things for kids there but it is always nice to get a little added surprise!

    My email is


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