Friday, April 6, 2012

Not that kind of blogger....

Some blogs separate themselves.
They blog about their religion, but not about their family or anything else.
They blog about about their family, but keep their religious beliefs quiet.
They blog about funny things, but never the serious.
They blog about happy times but don't want to "be discouraging" and vent....

I am just not that kind of blogger. 
It's okay, that there are blogs like that...I follow many of them.
But I can't separate myself out like that. 

Because I am not a bookshelf. I am not a series of events, or a series of "qualities".
Everything I am, it's's all wrapped up into one. 

My kids, my husband, my faith in Christ, my good days and bad days, my funny moments, my venting, my's me. 
All of it is who I am, and to separate it out would not be a representation of myself. 

It's Friday. But it's also Good Friday.
The day I remember, along with millions of other Christ follower's, that Jesus died on the cross for me.

Such a gut wrenching reality check, that He took my burden and willingly gave Himself for me...pardoned me.

I am eternally grateful for His sacrifice and forever in awe of it.

Tonight, we make Resurrection Rolls, to teach them....even now, the miracle of the Cross.


  1. I'm not that kind of blogger either. But you already knew that:) A blessed Good Friday to you!

  2. I love this! I feel exactly the same way! When I started my blog I wanted it to be about my pregnancy and raising twins but then I discovered that I couldn't separate myself out like that. I have good days and bad days and my faith is a huge part of who I am. I figured if I was going to blog I had to show all of me. I'm so glad you do that! It's why I love your blog!

  3. Love this post! I feel the same way! Have a great Good Friday! I love the Resurrection Rolls and I love that you're teaching your children at a young age! Blessings Friend!

  4. Love this! Who are we and what on earth are we doing if we're not honest?! Thank you for sharing, I was blessed to read this today. :-)

  5. Love you!!!! Enjoy your Easter and really, truly, we gotta work on that coffee.....