Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not just about the Mommy here...

I've been reading fabulous things about Mother's lately.

Encouraging things written by fellow bloggers, the release of Mother Letter's and subsequent link-ups, and little quotes here and there in preparation for Mother's Day.

They are great. They are correct, they have encouraged my heart so very much. 

But behind this Mommy is a Daddy who makes this Mommy the kind of Mommy she is.

I know it's not the case with everyone, but for me it is.

I would not be who I am, without the Daddy in this family. 

He is the calm to my chaos. 
He is the steady to my motion.
He is the encourager to my frustration, the joy to my sadness.
When I am burnt out or needing a break, he gives it to me, graciously. 

He doesn't use his words or actions to destroy, but to build me up and strengthen.

I am more patient with the boys, and more steady as a Mom because of what he provides for me.

I am so incredibly blessed to be a stay at home Mom, which was my hearts desire from before we had Jack.
He works hard, and budgets hard so that I can stay home and raise our children.

He knows exactly what I do during the day, and he constantly tells me how amazing I am and how incredible it is that I do it day in and day out and how I do it with grace and consistency. 

I never feel under-appreciated or taken for granted.

He comes home from a long day of work and plays with the boys, and does the dishes after dinner and helps keep the laundry moving. He keeps the boys from under my feet if I'm baking or cooking, he comes home and is immediately Daddy.

The support I get from him makes me the Mommy I am. 

I am incredibly blessed. 

Motherhood is hard. That's not new news. 
We need to support and encouragem and lift up each other as Mother's and speak life into one another and give one another grace and I am so thankful for those in my life that do.

 I am thankful for the letter's I read and the blogs I read that give me that extra dose each day to keep on keeping on.

In this house, the Daddy....the Daddy gives this Mommy that same love, support, life and encouragement every day. 
Yes, Mother's Day fast approaches and Father's have a day for them too, but I wouldn't be the Mommy I am without my husband.

That's just the truth. 

By Lacie Lauree Photography


  1. Amen and amen. Totally agree. My husband is my helpmate too - love hearing women give their husbands the respect they should. Yes there are some not so great husbands out there - but those of us that do have real gems.....need to not take them for granted.

  2. i absolutely LOVE this. your words are beautiful ... such a precious testimony of the gift GOD has given you in your hubby. i am so happy for you ... your family is well-blessed!

  3. And you have a daddy, that was that kind of a daddy that let me be that kind of a mommy... What a precious legacy!

  4. You are very blessed. And your kids are lucky, too! What a great thing for your husband to know what he is for you. It is refreshing to hear a flatteringly honest experience about a husband's contribution to the home life. There are not enough of those kind of men.

  5. Beautifully said :) I am with you on this... my husband is all those things & more for me! You are a blessed mama and from what I can tell, he is a blessed daddy :)

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