Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Mother Letter

Dear Mother,

Do you know what an incredible Mother you are? I am not sure you do...I see you so hard on yourself. Struggling with the day to day, and second guessing your parenting. 

I know the past few years have been rough and I know that your heart aches. I know that you put a lot of pressure on yourself, but step back sweet Mama. See what you and your love have created. 
He adores you. He worships you, he is learning how to love and be passionate because of you.

You are tired and some days are long and weary and they can feel like a never-ending cycle. Do not fret, do not give up. HE is faithful to meet you each and every day.

You have dreams, and desires and drive. You are trusting HIM for things your heart so desperately wants, but do not miss out on the now, the moment you are in. 

Breathe deep, soak it in, look in the mirror and see what I see in you. See the compassion, the giving heart, the beauty, the encourager, the faithful friend and the selfless Mother. Do not forget who you are in Him. 
Do not be trampled by the ugly of the world, but SEE with HIS eyes the treasure before you.

HE has great plans for you Mama, HE will take you to great heights. Trust in HIM and soar. 

You are a Mother, HE has created you so. 

~All my love and hope for you~

This post was written as a part of "My Mother Letter" link-up, in which I write a letter to another Mother encouraging her. 


  1. That is beautiful, girl <3 Life giving words for yourself!

  2. This is beautiful for any mom to read! Thank you. xx