I want more this week.....

Some days are not full of happy and love and warm fuzzy feelings. Some days are full of tears, and vomit and poop and messes on the floor and a very impatient and tired Mama. 

Some days you don't even stop to remember what week it is....Holy Week. The week leading up to the event. The one that rocked the world and the cornerstone of my life.

I don't want to let this week pass by just like any other week, I want to reflect and teach and soak in this week. It needs to be more.

I've not always made it more, it's always just been. But this is something I am desperate to change. For me, for my family. 

So my goal is to search out the moments where I can make something more of it................

What do you do during this week to make it "more"


  1. Great question. I think that it has been harder for me for the last two Easters to think on the season and make it different. Sunday used to be the market day for my soul but it has turned into a stressful day quite often with trying to get two little boys to church by myself. I am focusing on the fact that I am teaching my sons about the hope I have in the gospel. It makes it feel that much more real. I am sharing my hope with my sons and how Jesus has changed my life. If I am a good mother to them it is because of the gospel and I hope that is what I am teaching them.


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