Friday Favorite Things

Linking up with Rachel this Friday in conjunction with
10 Days of Intentional Parenting, today is day 4 and it's fabulous.
 You need to go check it out and join up! These pictures are a part of Day 3's challenge and seeing life through our children's eyes, getting down on their level. These pictures are a mixture of what our days our like with some that Jack asked me to take. Happy Friday!

My favorite blue eyes and his lovely teething drool......

 little feet of little boys looking out the window....

learning to use big boy toys.....

Sick babies, big boys helping clean up, and little escape artists....

mess makers, fighting over the popper, two sick babies, Jack's little "cotton tail"

mr. handsome aka my firstborn


  1. I love Jack's shirt!! Heart mom!! Love it! So cute!


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