Easter 2012

What a difference one year makes.
Last year I don't even think I made it to church Easter Sunday...no, just Jack and Daddy.
They were just shy of 2 months...yeah, I was not at church.
Last Year

This Year

This year, we made it to two services. And they went to the nursery for all of one service and part of another. 

And we went over to my parent's house with the rest of the family for Easter dinner.

And they hunted eggs. 

And more eggs

Capa pointing out the tough ones...

Jack and Auntie had quite the competition. :)


And it was exhausting and perfect and lovely.

And I can't even imagine what next year will hold!


  1. amazing to the see the difference right? :)

  2. 1 year can make a huge difference. Glad this Easter was memorable and full of blessings! Each year, will bring new and exciting memories.. Love the pictures :)


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