Thursday, April 12, 2012

14 Months

*My computer was down, so this is 2 days late and no pictures (yet) :)*

They are fully toddlers. Fully on the move. Fully eating and making messes and they are crazy.

Camden, he has some major separation anxiety with me. His favorite places are in his crib, asleep or in my arms. It's been difficult as of late, combine with several teeth coming through, it's been tough. But I know it's just a phase and soon it will pass. He did make it one whole hour in the nursery last Saturday for church (bonus of going to Saturday night is it only lasts 1 hour!!)

He makes the biggest mess known to man when he eats, and even if he is eating and enjoying a bite, the moment he sees you getting ready to place something else in front of him, he spits out whatever is in his mouth. 

Cam loves to clean. He will go through the rooms and pick up anything on the ground and put it in a bin, or a bucket. It's so cute. Or he will bring it to you, and say something that sounds like "thank you". 

He says: nigh-nigh for bedtime, nana for bananas, gink for a drink, coo-coo for cookie (anything I give him outside of his highchair is a cookie)  ti-tee for the cat, mama, dada, cack for Jack, uh-oh and does a good job copying a ton of words we say to him. 

He and Christian are sleeping from about 7-7 now (YAY!!) and taking two naps around 9:30 and 2:30 for between 1-2 hours. It's awesome. Although I know once they start to transition to one nap, their bedtime will go super super early (like 5:30pm) for awhile. But for now we are good to go!

Christian is a maniac. He is climbing (we have a cleaner and a climber!!) up anything he can, like the chairs and on the train table. Yeah, just one day he climbed on the train table and stood up and was gonna kamikaze off the side! Oh boy. And the kid has a temper! He will throw the ultimate tantrum if he doesn't get his way. Like kicking and screaming and hitting the floor!

But he is Mr. Social. He'll go to anyone, walk wherever he pleases, doesn't care if I'm coming or not. He is the explorer aka wanderer and holds his own with the bigger kids. He and Jack have a special little bond. 
He does just fine being separated from me, and he loves loves loves his Daddy!

He is much more of a neat eater, and eats slower and more deliberate than Camden. 
He is getting some more teeth too (they have 6 each right now)

He is a jabber-er. He will say Mama and Dada and ti-tee and uh-oh, but he does this jabber thing where it sounds like full on real talking, and I'm sure it is...I just can't understand him. But it's the cutest thing ever.

The both love to point at things and read books and play cars. They even make car noises.

They will make monkey sounds if you ask them what a monkey says :)

I took the 3 of them to the park, alone, and wow...exhausting. Jack is pretty good now at staying where he needs to stay and being safe on the equipment, but I can't just leave him to himself either! Christian loves the swing and loves to explore, but Camden hates the swing and just wants me to hold him, or he wants to eat the rocks. 
We only last so long before I strap them back in the stroller. But we are getting the hang of it.

And Target now has these new carts that you can strap 3, yes THREE, kids into! One in the normal cart area, and then there is this big thing with two seats on it in front of that. So awesome. 

We are getting to church now, and it's feeling so good, to each month get a little further past the "crazy days"!

The best time of the day, is after dinner and everyone is happy and full of giggles and we all just play on the floor together until they go to bed. It's heaven. 

And there is more I am sure, but that's what I can remember at the moment. 


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