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It is so definitely Monday. I woke up feeling sick...thank you little snotty nosed gremlins (shown below) for sharing.

Last night we said good-bye to one of our dearest friends, who is really more like family. He's having to go back to the U.K. (where is he from) and we are hoping it's just for a short time. It was an emotional night, for sure. We had our last Worship Concert for awhile and I got to go (thanks to some lovely ladies who watched the boys so I could just go and not worry about them) and it was incredible. I'm constantly blessed my the ministry my husband does and the way in which he does it. 
Our friend Kipper (aka Steve) and the boys

I hope you've been enjoying my guest bloggers! If you missed any, click over on the label "Guest Post" so you can get caught up!

Also, I did a little swappin' and over on the right you'll see a button for Baby Making. She's a fellow twin mama of boys who turned ONE just this last week and are they ever adorable?! So, go check out her blog (and you'll see my button on her site too!) 

This Friday my guest is actually our photographer from Lacie Lauree and she's doing a giveaway that even non-local peeps can enter!!! So stay tuned for that.

I'm wanting to do some fun stuff for St. Patrick's Day, what are you planning?

Oh...and anyone else going to see Hunger Games on opening day?? I would fall asleep at the midnight showing, so my friend and I are going the next morning :)
They are some of the best books I've read, I couldn't put them down!!

So, that's my Monday folks. Oh wait, I forgot to brag...I ran 5 miles with my friend on Saturday. Yep. It was slow (and I'm still apologizing to her) but we did it and man, it felt good.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. WAHOO on 5 miles!! WEE.. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh yuck... I hate when the little ones get us sick - double whammy.

  3. aww, goodbyes are so hard!

    i hope wellness sweeps over your house quickly. hopefully the warmer temps will help with that!

  4. oh, hope you guys are all feeling better soon!

    five miles? you are amazing! totally.

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  6. 5 miles! yahoo! You rock. I hope you guys feel better. The sickies are NO BUENO!

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