Miscellany Monday

1) My parents gave us their treadmill. They are joining a gym once my Dad is given the all clear to start exercise again, and so we inherited it. It's awesome and I plan on using it all the time. 

2) I got an iPhone. I realize this is not a new phenomenon....but it is here, and it's white and I love it. But because I don't want to be tied to it, I turned off all the notifications so it doesn't beep at me all day long when people tweet me, or text me, or Facebook me or blah blah. My case doesn't get here until Thursday, so I'm a little freaked about even touching it...but yeah. So, what apps do you love??

3) We have whiny people in our house. I feel like I remember this with Jack at this age...You should be happy because you are walking, but you are still whining! And then one day it got better....I am ready for the one day, because whiny X2 is no fun I tell you.

4) I took dinner to a new twin mama in our area this last week, and her tiny little boy and girl, oh my they are so cute and I cannot believe my boys were that small. And holding them was precious, but guess what. I didn't miss it. I didn't miss the baby X2 thing, I looked at it and instantly remembered how overwhelmed and exhausted I was (in love with the boys? yes, but overwhelmed and exhausted all the same) Maybe it's still too soon for me to forget "those times".

5) Did you know I have a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now?? Click here! Make sure, if you don't see the Rafflecopter widget, to click "Read More" and that will take you to the rest of the post and the giveaway! For locals, you can choose the photo-shoot, and for you non-local peeps...there is something for you as well!!

6) I love sports. And March means March Madness and it's awesome and I love it. 

7) Oh, can you take 2 seconds and go vote for my adorable boys holding hands over at Multiples and More?? I mean, how cute it this?!

8)  Do you have a question for me? Email me at krystle@3littlemenandamommy.com and I will be answering them on my blog! Ask about twins, my pregnancy, breastfeeding, juggling three little kids, budget, meal planning, keeping our marriage spicy, life as a Pastor's Wife, scheduling, fitness, weight loss, reading, books, my faith, traditions, blogging etc etc etc.....ask away!!

The End.


  1. That photo is precious! I recently got a white iphone too! I love it :) My favorite app is mapmyrun. It tells you how far, how long, how many calories you burned, and gives you a map of where you ran/walked.

  2. That picture is adorable! So excited for you and your treadmill. Me= jealous! You will get a lot of miles on that thing!

  3. Your boys are adorable! I just got an iPhone too and I also do not yet have a case so I'm so nervous. I like the my fitness pal, words with friends and the tv.com apps.

  4. The iPhone was introduced largely as a consumer product. But such was its power and beauty, it wasn't long before the debate of "how good is iPhone for businesses" started raging.


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