Guest: Photographer Lacie Lauree! And a GIVEAWAY!!!

I am again, so thrilled about our guest blogger today! 
She and I have been friends for over a decade (gasp!) and she has photographed some of my life's biggest accomplishments, and best moments (and will continue to do so!) Also, she is doing a after you read the post, make sure you click "READ MORE" for the GIVEAWAY with Rafflecopter!! Non-local people can enter too!! Meet, Lacie!

If you follow 3 Little Men & a Mommy’s facebook page and blog you have most likely seen my name mentioned. I am their family photographer. Since we may not know each other  I want to give you the 411 on me and where I came from and how I got where I am today. After you read this, consider us friends.

*Born on May 30th, 1982……. (silence)…. I will be 30 30!!! (insert tears here)

*Born and raised in this beautiful valley in southern Oregon.

*My mom took thousands of pictures of us during our childhood. It’s only natural that I became a photographer. Right?

* I used to pluck my leg hair because I liked the way it felt. (Oh, should I have left that out… :/)

* I started taking pictures (and getting paid for it) my senior year of high school.

* Photographing Children and Seniors has been my favorite. And births, and newborns, and weddings, and families….. you get the picture (no pun intended) I love it all!

* I am easily discouraged and hard on myself.

* I have been battling infertility for 7 years. Kicked it’s butt 1 time and was blessed with my now 3 year old son. And we are in the process of kicking infertility’s butt again! You can read about my journey here --- you for your prayers!)

*When I am in town and people watching (SO fun!) when I look at a person I am always thinking in my head how I would photograph them.

*I like to eat Top Ramen with my fingers. (Don’t worry I wash my hands first)

*If I photograph your children you can bet that I will act like a complete goof. Dancing, singing, making turkey noises, do the JC Penney tongue roll. Yep. It’s quite the site.

*I think that is all I will do. I don’t want you to fall asleep. There’s a little lesson coming up and a GIVEAWAY! 

If there is one thing I have discovered as I have gotten older (and wiser) is that photographs are SO important. I was watching an online workshop and the speaker said something that I couldn't have said better myself. 
“I believe so strongly in the power of imagery”-Sue Bryce.

 It doesn't matter if you have a point and shoot camera, a fancy DSLR or a disposable. TAKE PICTURES!! My brothers and I are older now, but when the family pictures get pulled out and we talk about the “good ol’ days” new memories are made. It’s pretty awesome!

I want to give you some tips (just a few, short and sweet) that will help your photos a bit more. Here is a series of pictures I took of my son. we had just gotten a new mattress so our old one was in the living room. My son loved his new “trampoline” and rarely left it. I was working on my computer and turned around to see him watching cartoons in his PJ’s and the light was good so I grabbed my camera.

Tips I used for these shots:

I hope this helps you a bit! You can find many great tutorials online!
A few more tips on getting great shots.
·         Get down to their level. (See the above photos. I was at his level in each shot)
·         Move in close.
·         Move the subject from the middle. (Top left image. D is moved to the left of the image)
·         Try to NOT use your flash.
·         Take a lot of pics. The way I’ve learned a lot of what I know now is by trial and error
·         If you can, and have a DSLR, buy a new lense that has the capability of a low aperture. (a whole other blogpost) but the 50mm 1.8 (1.8 being the aperture) is a great beginner lense and it is about $100.00
·         Take your camera EVERYWHERE
a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email at

Thank you so much for reading today!


  1. what a fun giveaway for southern oregonians! :)

    great tips, and wow, you DO have a very cute subject there! love LOVE the kissy lips photo!

  2. Non-local people can choose the Card Design giveaway! It's all digital :)

  3. Did both of those :) I love this post!

  4. This post is AWESOME!! My husband got me a DSLR and I am practicing constantly to figure things out. You had some great tips and I am going to look at the other lense you mentioned.

    I wish I lived in the Oregon area and not on the other side of U.S. because you are a great photographer!!


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