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Melanie has long been one of my favorite bloggers. She is real, honest and always an encouragement. Melanie is a full-time working Mom, with two cute boys at home and is married to a pilot. She posts devotions, giveaways and more. She has a design business called Elegant Custom Blogs and has even done a giveaway on my blog! She also has written for (in) courage and I am so honored to have her as my guest today!

Demolition, Diapers, and the Daily Grind
It didn't take very long for the dust to clear.
I was amazed that a house which stood for so many years could go down to nothing in a matter of minutes!I looked through the office window with my co-workers and watched as a house was completely demolished. It fascinated me, the way these skilled workers could neatly take down a house in a matter of minutes... and that it takes my kids the same amount of time to completely trash my living room.
Go figure.
The story relayed to me was of an elderly lady who had passed away, and for reasons unknown to me, her home was to be demolished. The work crew was the talk of the office as we all waited to see what would happen. I guess I pictured lots of noise and a huge mushroom cloud of debris, but there was none of that.
As quietly as the lady had passed away, her home also went back to dust...
It made me stop and think... about the body of dust I carry, and the amount of "stuff" I work so hard each day to accumulate, ... and about what really matters.
Will anything last longer than my days or does it all go back to dust?
Sweet friends, this thought is not depressing, but instead quite freeing!
Do we have to be consumed by accumulating "stuff"? Must we be so hard on ourselves in regards to what other people think about us, deadlines, diapers, and the daily grind? Could we even free ourselves from comparing our riches, bodies, talents, and <gasp!> thighs? :)
My days as a working mom are spent chin-high in work deadlines and stress, juggling diapers and responsibilities,and many times... I am just in "survival mode". Some of these things I have to do each day, but I have learned that myfocus, even in the minute details of life... can be on things that will last long after my days.
Where is my treasure?
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." ~ Matthew 6:21
When you think that what you do doesn't really matter... sweet friend, I promise you it does.
Even while scrubbing toilets, did you know it is possible for your heart to sing? ... thank you, Lord, for this family... thank you, Lord, for this home... thank you, Lord, that my arms and body are strong to work as unto you... thank you, Lord, that you are with me, even now and all the time.
When you treat others with compassion, you impact their lives. When you serve your family, even with a weary body, you are leaving a legacy of love. When you reach out to those less fortunate, you are loving them with the love of Christ.
Your life -- even TODAY -- is making a difference! You can choose each day to live in such a way that your love, compassion, laughter, service, and mercy impact those around you!
And those things... the ones that are not really "things"... are the only ones that will last.
No demolition crew can destroy them.
Are you weary today? Do you feel that the daily grind is wearing you thin? Don't give up, sweet friend. Keep your focus on that which is eternal. God knows the plans he has for you, and He sees the bigger picture. Let's we pray together for His wisdom to help us focus on the things that are eternal, even during our daily routines.

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  1. what a sweet gal! it's so good to meet her! i heart her heart. : )

  2. What a wonderful reminder for us at any age! Thank you. :)

  3. Always enjoy her blog and that picture of her is beautiful. Cute family too.

  4. Thank you so much, Krystle, for welcoming me to your blog home!!! I am HONORED and appreciate you so very much.

    love to you,

  5. So true! I'm constantly reminding myself of Jeremiah 29:11-14 and asking, "Are these God's plans or my plans?" Focus is key, for what I focus on gets bigger in my mind. Thanks for sharing!


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