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I am pleased to have Emily as my guest today, she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I don't think you could meet her or read her words and not feel that. She is a kindred spirit to me. We miscarried around the same time and then had babies around the same time and she is always an encouragement to me, and an inspiration! Please head over to Emily's blog after you read and search around for homeschooling ideas, recipes with whole foods and of course...encouragement!
Welcome Emily!

I was with some sweet friends recently and one dear mama was sharing the victory she’s been experiencing in her marriage.  She is breaking the habit of being disrespectful and rude to her hubby. She shared her concern that for so many years her children have witnessed her behavior to her man … she was grappling with feeling like she should sit her kids down and have a “big talk” about her mistakes, the changes she’s making, etc. (we all know those “big talks”!)
I love her mama heart and rejoiced with her in the awesome changes she is making!  Thank GOD.
As we talked, I shared ideas of how I like to weave in words of respect and adoration of my man with my daughter throughout everyday life.
As mama’s, we have a beautiful opportunity to speak uplift and respect about our husbands, toour kids.
I can give voice to the reality around us in ways that provide a frame in my daughter’s mind about my husband and her dad.  This frame becomes a part of the lens through which she discerns attributes in her future spouse.
For instance, my hubby is truly the hardest working individual I’ve ever known. He is tireless in his efforts to do the work GOD has set before him; he has a very strong work ethic and sees projects through to completion. I have been able to praise him to my daughter, to positively frame his extraordinary work ethic, in everyday conversations.
“Look how hard he is working for our family! He is so diligent to work so hard with so many challenges, being obedient to GOD’s call for him. He sure loves his family!”
Nowadays, this has become something that she sees and articulates. Ironically, as I was preparing to write this today, we were running errands with our recently-fixed-by-my-hubby stroller in tow. My daughter commented, “it’s a good thing that you have him for a husband! He takes care of so many things and doesn’t stop until a project is finished.” I smiled as I thought about what I was writing, and how she truly has internalized the message that I am passionate to share: we are well-blessed. GOD has provided our family a gift in the form of my hubby; the strengths and gifts he brings are of such great value.
This man is also exceedingly patient. And he never complains (like, never). These are awesome character traits that I want to train her eye to see and seek in her future spouse!
What a gift we have as wives and mama’s, to not only adore and respect our men in their presence … but to allow our children to grow up in a home of deep uplift and esteeming love.

{I want to add a very honest caveat …I have come to realize that I have a choice: will I focus and allow my thoughts to marinate on my hubby’s “weaknesses”, on my unmet expectations, on comparing who does how much of what; OR will I focus on the blessings, on the good-heartedness of my man toward me and most of all, on the fact that this man is the partner that GOD brought me? Not for my happiness but for my holiness … to refine and grow me in Christ-likeness. Wherever I let my mind camp affects my mood which then affects my actions … and as a mama, I know that my mood really does set the tone! We have so much power, which is such a beautiful gift and responsibility! “For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Matthew 12:34.  Let me keep my mind and heart focused in gratitude and love for this man, this GIFT, God has so generously brought to me.}

 Emily blogs at  She is married to the man of her dreams and the mama to 2 – Madison, 12 and Josiah, 1 year next month! (with her 3rd miracle due next fall). She blogs about the ups and downs of being a mama, whole food cooking and nutrition, homeschooling, relationship, GOD’s love and faithfulness, sweet times, health, and everyday life!


  1. Awwe. .She seems so sweet.. What a beautiful family!

  2. Beautiful post! I totally share your sentiments. It is a conscience decision to think positively and speak positively of my husband.


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