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Guest Blogger: Emily from Home2learn

I am pleased to have Emily as my guest today, she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I don't think you could meet her or read her words and not feel that. She is a kindred spirit to me. We miscarried around the same time and then had babies around the same time and she is always an encouragement to me, and an inspiration! Please head over to Emily's blog after you read and search around for homeschooling ideas, recipes with whole foods and of course...encouragement! Welcome Emily! I was with some sweet friends recently and one dear mama was sharing the victory she’s been experiencing in her marriage.  She is breaking the habit of being disrespectful and rude to her hubby. She shared her concern that for so many years her children have witnessed her behavior to her man … she was grappling with feeling like she should sit her kids down and have a “big talk” about her mistakes, the changes she’s making, etc. (we all know those “big talks”!) I love her mama hear

Time, Stealing and Easter crafting...

That title should sum of the randomness of my post.....I didn't really mean to take a break from blogging, it just kind of happened. I really have been sitting on the floor most of the day playing with my boys, allowing the kitchen and laundry go. And it's been lovely and precious and so that is where I have been. I read Ann Voskamp's blog everyday. I don't read any other blog that challenges me daily like hers does. Yesterday her post was about how much time do we really have? How many moments do I have with these little ones, and my sweetheart and what do I want to give them while I am here. Why wait to live full of joy? Do it now, because you may not have more time than that. Don't waste a second of it being dissatisfied, or angry, or and your family deserve better than that. Your situation may never change, but your attitude and perspective can. Ah, breathe it in....soak it up. These are the moments. My husband's wallet, coat and money clip w

Guest: Megan from boho mama!

Welcome to the blog, Megan, from b oho mama ! Megan is a real life friend who has some of the most beautiful and precious twin girls I have ever seen! Megan is an incredible writer, passionate mother and homemaker and a genuine friend. I encourage you to check out her blog and especially her series:  " Just Write" !  Welcome Megan! P.S....there is a cloth diaper giveaway going on over there.... Hi, I'm Megan from The Boho Mama , and I'm so excited to be guest posting for Krystle today. We've known each other a very long time - 15 years or so - having grown up in the same church congregation. I vividly remember her very cool New Kids on the Block comforter and playing in her cul-de-sac! We reconnected after I found out we were also having twins, and she's been an inspiration and encouragement to me in so many ways. Today, I'm talking about expectations. When I first found out I was pregnant, I had some grandiose visions about pregnancy, birth, and par

Miscellany Monday 1) My parents gave us their treadmill. They are joining a gym once my Dad is given the all clear to start exercise again, and so we inherited it. It's awesome and I plan on using it all the time.  2) I got an iPhone. I realize this is not a new phenomenon....but it is here, and it's white and I love it. But because I don't want to be tied to it, I turned off all the notifications so it doesn't beep at me all day long when people tweet me, or text me, or Facebook me or blah blah. My case doesn't get here until Thursday, so I'm a little freaked about even touching it...but yeah. So, what apps do you love?? 3) We have whiny people in our house. I feel like I remember this with Jack at this age...You should be happy because you are walking, but you are still whining! And then one day it got better....I am ready for the one day, because whiny X2 is no fun I tell you. 4) I took dinner to a new twin mama in our area this last week, and her ti

Guest: Photographer Lacie Lauree! And a GIVEAWAY!!!

I am again, so thrilled about our guest blogger today!  She and I have been friends for over a decade (gasp!) and she has photographed some of my life's biggest accomplishments, and best moments (and will continue to do so!) Also, she is doing a after you read the post, make sure you click "READ MORE" for the GIVEAWAY with Rafflecopter!! Non-local people can enter too!! Meet, Lacie! If you follow 3 Little Men & a Mommy’s facebook page and blog you have most likely seen my name mentioned. I am their family photographer. Since we may not know each other  I want to give you the 411 on me and where I came from and how I got where I am today. After you read this, consider us friends. *Born on May 30 th , 1982……. (silence)…. I will be 30 30!!! (insert tears here) *Born and raised in this beautiful valley in southern Oregon. *My mom took thousands of pictures of us during our childhood. It’s only natural that I became a photographer. Right? * I used to pluck m

Miscellany Monday

Link up with Carissa It is so definitely Monday. I woke up feeling sick...thank you little snotty nosed gremlins (shown below) for sharing. Last night we said good-bye to one of our dearest friends, who is really more like family. He's having to go back to the U.K. (where is he from) and we are hoping it's just for a short time. It was an emotional night, for sure. We had our last Worship Concert for awhile and I got to go (thanks to some lovely ladies who watched the boys so I could just go and not worry about them) and it was incredible. I'm constantly blessed my the ministry my husband does and the way in which he does it.  Our friend Kipper (aka Steve) and the boys I hope you've been enjoying my guest bloggers! If you missed any, click over on the label "Guest Post" so you can get caught up! Also, I did a little swappin' and over on the right you'll see a button for Baby Making . She's a fellow twin mama of boys who turned ONE just this last

1 year 1 month aka 13 months...

13 I totally missed the "monthly update"...I guess since they are 1 now I don't think about them in months anymore, but we still need to update!!! Right now the little chick-a-dees have nasty colds, so we are a tad miserable here, but otherwise good. Camden just started really walking yesterday, he'd been taking steps here and there for a few weeks and as of yesterday was trying to walk everywhere. His balance is still a work in progress, but he's on his feet! And just as Camden learns to walk, Christian is pretty much running everywhere.  Camden loves to drop things and say "uh-oh" If you ask him what a monkey says, he'll go "ooh-ooh, ah-ah"...yeah, super cute. They both say "tit-tee" when they see the kitty, and Camden will repeat "No"...oh joy :) The love to put things on their heads and play peek-a-boo, it's so cute that they initiate it. Christian loves to hide around corners and bust out at you, and then run ba

Guest Blogger: Melanie from Only a Breath

Melanie has long been one of my favorite bloggers. She is real, honest and always an encouragement. Melanie is a full-time working Mom, with two cute boys at home and is married to a pilot. She posts devotions, giveaways and more. She has a design business called Elegant Custom Blogs and has even done a giveaway on my blog! She also has written for (in) courage and I am so honored to have her as my guest today! Demolition, Diapers, and the Daily Grind It didn't take very long for the dust to clear. I was amazed that a house which stood for so many years could go down to nothing in a matter of minutes! I looked through the office window with my co-workers and watched as a house was completely demolished. It fascinated me, the way these skilled workers could neatly take down a house in a matter of minutes...  and that it takes my kids the same amount of time to completely trash my living room. Go figure. The story relayed to me was of an elderly lady who had passed away, and for re

How to (Breastfeed Twins) Part 2

In Part 1 , I talked about breastfeeding in the NICU, the early days and latch issues as well has how we did things for the first 6 weeks. In this post I will share about: *Feeding one at a time *Balancing breastfeeding twins with another child in the mix *Milk Supply Issues   *When things don't go as planned How To (Breastfeed Twins) Part 2: I t was around month 3 when I decided that tandem feeding was hurting more than helping. I was really having a difficult time latching them both myself without one falling off while the other was latching and so on.  I did watch this video and it really helped, but I just wanted to be able to do all of this without help (because that was reality) so I started feeding them one at a time.  I would grab the one showing the signs of hunger first and feed, while the other one was in the swing or the bouncer safe and sound...usually with a pacifier in case his brother was taking too  long :)  Sometimes the waiting baby would cry. That was probably