My weekend/week in letters........

A. A break away from social media was perfect. Just what I needed :)

B. Blissdom. Are you going? I am thinking about it for next year...with boho mama. 

C. Camden &Christian 
those are the littles and I couldn't think of a C hehe
D. Done. We are done making payments on our car! We paid it off! YAY!

E. Emotionally exhausted. That's me. 
The past few weeks have just done me in...I've been weary. 
Feeling so much better today, and thanking the Lord for renewing me!

F, G, H, I J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q...

R. Running! I ran 3 miles last Friday and it's the first time I've run 3 miles since before I got pregnant with the twins! Yay me :)

S. Sarah. She blogs over at Life isn't Always a Fairytale and she's my new favorite person to follow on her blog and twitter. 
I feel like I know her in real life.
Hope I don't creep you out Sarah haha!

T, U...

V. VOTE! Did you go vote for me? If should...they really are the cutest 3 boys :)

W. Webpage! Did you notice that it's now www.3littlemenandamommy.COM!? :) 
I am pretty excited to have my own domain now!

And there is a new little blog button over there on the right, if you so choose to grab it :)

I don't have any more letters...sorry.

How about some cuteness??

We are ONE!


  1. well hi! It's so fun to find new twin mom friends. :) and BOYS no less! They're adorable by the way. :) Thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  2. Yeah for 3 miles - whoot-whoot!!
    Congrats. :)

  3. hahaha.. You totally don't creep me out.. I feel the same way.. I didn't want you to think I was creeping on you! HAHHA! Great minds think alike.. I totally love this post and will steal it for future events :)
    Ps. I don't even remember how I found your blog..

  4. Ps. Awesome job on the 3 miler! I am so proud of you! You rock it girl!

  5. One more comment.. I am thinking about getting my own domain too.. How much is this little expenditure?

  6. Good for you for running 3 miles! That's quite an accomplishment! You go girl!
    And I love the cuteness...always! =)


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