Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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1) Did you know we're giving away this set?

 Click here to enter! Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the post for "Read More"!

2) This fellow twin mama and blogger started making these:
(along with other adorable items)

and I had to have them for the boys Birthday which, by the way, is THIS Friday!!

3) I have been searching high and low for some "family rules" we could hang up and I found this site on Etsy. It's all custom! You pick size, colors, font and what you want it to say! She was amazing to work with, and responded quickly to my e-mails and was ever so patient with my changing of things every time. And you cannot beat this price!

If you want to order something from her site, use this code:
And that gets you 10% off!

4) We take our car in this morning to get fixed, and get our rental car. I'm glad they called to tell me they were planning on seeing us on Monday and that I asked to make sure they had an SUV reserved for us. They did not. They had a sedan. and my three car no. So, I requested a Lincoln Navigator with blacked out windows, spinners and jacked. Not really, but that'd be fun.

5) Superbowl summary: Best commercial was Ferris Bueller, I enjoyed the half-time was entertaining and that's the point. Tom Brady looked like an average schmoe and I could care less because the Saints weren't playing. 

6) I may have mentioned this before....but my babies turn ONE on Friday! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm putting together a little slideshow that I can hopefully upload, and be ready for a super sappy post this week :) 

7) Guest posting will return next Friday! If you are still interested, e-mail me!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love the family rules sign! We got one of those for Christmas, although it wasn't personalized for us - THAT would have been super cool =).
    Oh my, they are ONE already?! Time FLIES!!!! Can't wait to see the slideshow post =). I could never figure out how to upload mine, so the girls 1 year slideshow hasn't been veiwed by my loyal blog followers =). Hope you can figure it out because I'd love to see it!

  2. Love the family rules sign! What a great idea! I love the personalization factor..