Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy First Birthday Camden & Christian!!!

Time to celebrate!
Time to celebrate these two sweet little boys who have now been with us for one whole year!
Time to celebrate Mommy and Daddy surviving the first year!

Time to thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness.

Happy Birthday Little Men!!

I cannot believe this day is here.
I mean, did I just post this?

And yet, here we are....and it's been an amazing and wild ride, one that I would not change. 

Tomorrow I will be guest blogging over at Multiples and More about what I learned the first year of twins!

Camden Rhea

You are such a joy. 
You have the best and quickest smile. 
You wake up happy and smiling 99% of the time, and you love your food.
You are like a Hoover Vacuum, and you just devour it.
You are, the epitome of a Mama's boy.
If I'm near or in the room, you lunge for me....cry for me. 
But once you are content, you are great at playing alone or following your brothers around.
You are a quick crawler, and learning to cruise faster.
You have taken a single step here and there, but are in no hurry to walk...and I am okay with that.
You sleep wonderfully, and you have the biggest, brightest blue eyes...that just mesmerize.
You have 4 teeth, and more coming soon...
You are a great copy-cat. 
You will mimic almost everything, and are very proud of that.
You love the kitty and say "ti-tee" whenever she walks by.
You love to clap and click your tongue. 
You love your sippy cup and no longer use a bottle!

You are wearing 12 month clothes perfectly, and we will see where on the charts you land at the official 
1 Year appointment next week!
You have the sweetest disposition, and you are just a calm little guy.
I cannot wait to see who you become over this next year!
I love you so, so very much!

Christian Grant

You, my youngest, me sweet bean...are full of joy.
You have the hugest smile and a huge laugh to go with.
You are a great eater, and very clean! You don't even need a bib, really!
You are walking everywhere and are so proud.
You love to follow me around, and although you are so independent, you'd love to be held all day long by anyone who would do it.
You are a particular little man, and like things just so.
If it's throw the biggest and best tantrum I have ever seen of someone your age. 
And you have the scream of a screech owl.
And at the same time, you are the snuggler. You love to snuggle and be rocked and cuddled and I treasure those quiet moments we get before the others wake up.
You have equally huge eyes that are looking more and more green everyday. 
Four teeth for you as well! Those were some tough ones for you.

You are a jabber mouth! You talk and talk and talk and make the funnest, and silliest sounds. You point at things and go into long explanations and have great inflection and expression. 
I can't wait to actually understand you.
You are in 12 month clothes too...although the shirts are pretty baggy on you, as you are still pretty small.
But I can tell you are putting on weight, and you are so long!
You love to greet whoever comes to the door, and make their day.
You are doing great with your sippy cup, and we said good-bye to bottles today!
You are the one who will keep us on our toes, as although you are have the adventurous spirit and a wild side. 
That accompanied with your sweet disposition is going to be a blast to watch develop!

Bottom line, this year has been hard, long, rough, tearful, memorable, exhausting, beautiful, crazy, wonderful, silly, fun, and exciting.

I am so proud to be your Mama. 
I love you both so much.
Thank you for this year. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! What a great year. Here's to many more...

  2. Happy Birthday Camden & Christian! Hope you have a wonderful bithday.

    **This is as much of a celebration for mommy & daddy for surviving the first year with twins as well!! Congrats - we're 6 months beyond the 12 month mark & when I look back, I can't believe how much we went through during that first year.

  3. Happy Birthday to your precious ones and congrats to your family's first year with your sweet little boys! A beautiful post.