Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome, Sarah! Our first guest blogger!

I am so excited to have Sarah from Walk in Joy here today!
She is a new mama who is trying to seek the joy in the small things! 
She contacted me about being a guest poster and I loved her blog and her outlook, so of course I said yes! 

Please make her feel welcome and after reading her fabulous post, head to her blog and start following!

A Lesson on Creation
When I was 6 or 7, I concocted a brilliantplan, a way to make me rich and famous. I felt so proud of myself. I grabbed a piece of paper, a pencil, and my family’s copy of Green Eggs and Ham. In my untidy first-grade scrawl, I wrote the words:

“That Sam-I-am! That Sam-I-am!
I do not like that Sam-I-am!”

My plan was to write out, word-for-word, the entire story. I would sell it under my name, and everyone would love “my” book and acclaim me as the most talented and amazing author in the world.
I think I got as far as the third or fourth page, and then I stopped. Copying an entire book took a lot more work than I thought; my hand got tired and my brain got bored. I quickly abandoned my chance at fame and fortune in favor of playing in the front yard.

Since then, I have learned the meaning (and illegality) of plagiarism. I have also learned that there is much more joy in creating with my own mind and hands than there could ever be in fame and fortune. I think that’s what we, as humans, are meant to do. In an eternal as well as temporal sense, we are creators.Blogs, books, music, paintings, homes, children, businesses—we all find joy and fulfillment in creation. And what a beautifuljoy it is! What a privilege it is to be a creator, in my own small ways.
I am slowly becoming more and more active in the blogging community.  I am astounded and encouraged by the amazing works of my fellow creators—women just like me, with children, jobs, husbands, and busy schedules. It is empowering to be part of a community that finds joy in adding a little more beauty to the world through sharing our many-faceted talents.
I have a 7 month old son named Noah. He is the light and joyof my life. Each week he surprises me with learning something new—a new sound, a new tooth, a new favorite food. Lately, he’s been learning how to scoot himself around on his tummy. It’s quite impressive to watch my previously immobile baby suddenly know how to push himself backwards or around in circles. He even does funny little push-ups, managing to lift his entire body off the floor while his hands and toes support him. He can hold the pose for a few seconds before collapsing and returning to pushing himself in circles.

Watching his activities awakened a new thoughtin my brain. Many of the movements he makes, like the push-ups, are prelude to the almighty feat of crawling. Eventually, Noah will learn to get his knees under his tummy. Before too long, we will be putting baby gates up and he will wear us out with chasing him. But he doesn’t know this. He has no idea what crawling is. He just knows that he has a new trick in his arsenal of abilities. He just does it because he can.
What if we, as adults, are much more like babies than we think? We tend to feel so certain that we know where we’re going. We think we are so put together with our goals and lists and projects. I know I do.But what if all the things we work for every day, the things and relationships we create, are all pushing us toward a much greater developmental milestone than we have the ability to conceive? What if God, seeing our progress, rejoices in a new ability or a new achievement just as I rejoice over my son’s first tooth?

This thought makes me value my everyday creations—a clean kitchen sink, a happy baby, a new craft project, a great blog post, a spirit of love and peace in my home—that much more. Perhaps all these little things I’m learning now will come in handy in a much more wonderful way than I could ever have imagined.

About Me:

I’m just a new mom with a passion for homemaking, good books, Star Trek, and long summer days. I started blogging to help me remember the good things, the small and simple things that make life worth living. Life is mostly about having joy, and the time to start having more joy is always now!I love how Camilla Eyring Kimball (a smart and wise woman!) said it: “You do not find the happy life. You make it.” Walk in Joy is a blog about my efforts to make the happy life, whether that’s through cooking, crafting, reading, or cherishing the little moments with my husband and baby. I hope you’ll walk with me!

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  1. This is a great perspective and one I try to keep ever present in my ind(failing some days). We are as precious to the Father as our children are to us. Thank you for the lift this morning... just what I needed!

  2. Sarah: I love that thought! What a cool way to look at all our endeavors.

    Krystle: Tagged you on my blog today! :-)

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  4. I know what you are saying, and I believe it, but I have never thought of personal progression like that before. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.