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Those words you never want to hear...

"Hi sweetie, where are you?"

"Hey babe....the boys and I were in a car accident, but we are okay."

Yeah. Those words. 
Those words that make your heart sink and made the tears come instantly. 
My boys. All of them...all four of them in the car together. 

Yesterday was a crazy, full, exhausting day. 
Trevor had dropped me off for a quick 15 minute appointment and was driving the kids around the block when an 87 year old lady with dogs blocking her view, pulled out into traffic and hit the driver side, passenger door where Camden sits. 

SO many things to be thankful for:

Trev saw her and sped up a bit, so the impact could have been worse

We have a Honda Pilot so the car sits up high and the damage was to the bottom part of the door by the tire. If we had been in a sedan or other car....I don't even want to think about what would have happened.
Her car is in far worse Accord.

Our kids are in amazingly safe car seats. Spend the dough on safe seats...seriously.

Jack was holding a cup and the impact caused him to drop it. That's pretty much the only thing that upset him. 
He was very aware of cars close to us the rest of the day, saying "Watch out for the car Daddy!!"

She took full responsibility and admitted she couldn't even see because her dogs were blocking her view.
And she's insured.

Trev has the typical very sore neck and back and has x-rays this morning just out of precaution. 

But, they are all okay.

I said it's a good thing I wasn't there because I don't think this Mama Bear could have restrained herself from that 87 year old woman. 
The loves of my LIFE were all in that car together! My babies

I am so thankful that the Lord had his hand on them.

I have been hugging and kissing even more than normal...
all moments are a gift. 

Gift # 145
Keeping my family safe in the accident
Hehe...true life baby.

Picture by Lacie Lauree Photography


  1. Boy I know how you feel! /: When we got in our accident last year, I could hear Lexi's scream for days afterwards. People just don't realize how important it is to PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD! If the impact was over 25mph, Make sure you get all new carseats, especially Camden's since it was the closest to the impact. (If it was under 25mph the furthest away might be ok, you can call the carseat manufacturers and check!) Insurance will pay for new seats! glad they are all ok!! Kids don't usually get as sore as us old guys!

  2. Oh Krystle- I am sitting in my office crying for you. Actual tears. This is one of my biggest fears... and I am so happy that God blessed you all and that everyone is safe.

  3. Oh how scary!!! I'm very happy to hear that all of your men are safe!

  4. yikes! So scary! PTL they were all safe and sound though! Funny story- my son has never been in an accident and he is always telling me to be careful and watch out for the other cars :) haha

  5. Glad to hear everyone is safe and okay! Blessings, Sarah

  6. When I read about it on facebook, I couldn't even begin to imagine how that must have felt when you were told that. I'm so sorry. I'm so glad that they are all alright. So glad. But I'm so sorry that they all had to go through that. I hope that the soreness passes quickly and the memories even quicker.


  7. So glad everyone is OK. Man, that is scary!

  8. Very scary day! So glad that everyone is okay!


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