Those days

Sometimes, I think it'd be easier to just put Jack in timeout when he wakes up. Less work. 
We rarely have a day like that, but yesterday was a doozy. He was pushing buttons and brothers all day. 

I think the past few weeks of no routine, no real schedule an waaaay to many treats finally took it's toll, and I was happy to send him off to preschool for the morning! :)

I picked my word for the year, JOY. And then BAM...the next day I thought, goodness...maybe I should have picked patience?!

So many of you have commented/emailed me about your words and I love them all!

If you look to the left, in my sidebar you will see an awesome little button that my friend Melanie from Only a Breath designed for me!

If you would like one with your word of the year for your blog, click this link and there are instructions about emailing her!

Her blog is nothing but encouraging, so make sure you sign up to receive her blog via email as well!

Hope you all have a JOY filled day!

I am cleaning and de-cluttering...and I will post about that later this week!


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