Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seeing in the mess....

Yesterday was awful. I woke up and from the first moment I could tell my patience tank hadn't been filled. I was running on empty and it was only breakfast time. I uttered prayers as the day began.

Jack literally emptied everything he could today, on the floor.  Drawers of bowls and dishes, every toy bin, even the wipes container!! He has never done that. He was rough with his brothers, he didn't listen....he really pushed every last button of mine.

To top it off, Camden fell so many times today. He's learning to stand and walk and he's so clumsy. So that on top of his top tooth being huge and swollen and white and oh so close to popping though just made it that much worse. 

Christian decided not to fall asleep at his usual time which meant for the second nap, he was awake while his brothers slept and vice versa. Which meant Mommy didn't get a little break. 

I needed out. I decided we'd go for a drive and Mommy would get a coffee. 

I asked Jack to be a great helper and get socks for his brothers. He did. 

We left, and came back and picked up where we left off. 

Trevor came home and after dinner I was picking up the rooms. Nearly in tears at the stress of the day and praying for patience. 
Then I walked into the babies room and socks were everywhere. 

All over the floor.

Just as I started to get upset, I breathed deep and asked to SEE. 

I saw it. I looked and I saw. 

I saw that he was helping get socks. He did what I asked. It was easiest for him to see the socks by dumping them out and picking out which ones he liked. He quickly brought them back to me. And he was proud. So happy to be helping, happy to see Mommy's face, see how he was being a good listener. 

So, no...yesterday wasn't filled with a lot of moments where I could separate myself to look over the day and see joy too much.

But I did in that moment, and that was enough for that day. 


  1. Those days without a break are the hardest. It's the little things, right? :)

  2. Oh! Days like that are tough! Glad you were able to take that deep breath and step back and find the good in the mess. Hope today was better!