Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Thousand Gifts in 2012

It started as a challenge for one woman. 
It turned into a life altering experience 
which then turned into a book 
and then a worldwide change of perspective.

I had heard about this book last year, by so many different sources. But I knew I wouldn't have the time to read it when I first saw it (babies were about to make their debut)
Toward the end of the year, I went ahead and bought it for my NOOK.

First chapter in and I'm in tears.
End of the book and I'm challenged beyond belief, I have clarity for things I had been clouded by and my entire perspective on life. 
Sounds cliche maybe, but it's true.

I'm not a bandwagon person.
I'm either completely sold because I experienced it firsthand or I don't buy it.

I'm sold people.

So, in addition to my One Word for the year, I am taking the challenge.

The challenge to write down, on paper, One Thousand Gifts.

Some of the gifts I've written down?

Crisp mornings while on a run


Snuggles with sick babies

Hearing the doorknob turn, knowing it's Trevor coming home

Crumbs on the floor underneath two highchairs

Hot water

In taking the time to write down these things as they happen, I am slowing down time.
I'm taking each moment and giving thanks. 
And it slows.

It makes me breathe.
Makes me think.
Makes me thank.

If you have not read the book.
Then check out her blog.
Every single day she challenges me.

You up for it?


  1. I love Ann Voskamp's blog and I've been wanting to read her book for the longest time. I have Kindle now through my ipad, so I definitely think I'll be buying her book and reading it this year! I've put it off long enough and reading this post "pushed me over the edge" :)

    Love the gifts that you've written down so far. How important it is to see the gifts in even the little things... I love that wrote "crumbs under 2 high chairs" how I cringe when I see those crumbs fall.... how challenging to see them as a gift... knowing there was a happy, healthy, eating child in that seat that made those crumbs!

  2. ahh, yes. yes! :) i have loved her blog for years ... her writings on homeschooling were foundational for us as we started the journey.
    like you said, her daily writings stir, inspire, challenge, and refresh.
    i *still* need to get the book ... i've known it for so long and yet keep not doing it.
    thanks for this reminder!!

  3. WOW. I mean really, wow. The book sounds amazing! It must really put things into perspective. Slow down, enjoy the moments, the ordinary, amazing moments. She is SO right. They are there, right there in front of us, and way too often we are too busy to even see them, let alone enjoy them.
    I haven't read a book since before the girls arrived, but this, this is a book I should read. Thanks for the gentle suggestion =)

  4. I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO....just wrote about it.