Monday, January 9, 2012

Multitudes and Miscellany

It's nearing the end of Monday, Multitude Monday. And I'm just now able to sit at this computer. I came down with the stomach flu last night, and Trev woke up with it. So we were both feeling awful today.
But I tried, even in the midst of my discomfort and pain to seek the JOY.

I was so thankful that I had a toilet to use, and that that toilet wasn't also my shower water.

I was thankful for my amazing family who came over and helped with the boys so we could rest. 

I'm thankful for blue Gatorade staying down.

And boy am I thankful that the stomach bug doesn't' last long.

Jack had it last week, 24hrs...two days later Christian had it. So...Camden seems to be the only escapee so far and I've bleach everything in site!!

I haven't run in 3 weeks. I got that nasty cold, then my eyes had an allergic reaction and got infected, and then last week I got in one short run but my energy was gone. And now this....I feel I'm being sabotaged!!!

Got to get back into it, hopefully it won't be too tough. 

I was reminded that the way I felt today, is how I was for over 12 weeks with the twins. Yikes. Not fun memories....but boy there are so worth it. In two days you will see a post about them turning 11 months. I may or may not be freaking out...................

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  1. Oh - I totally feel for you - we got hit by the same stomach flu bug the week before Christmas! It started with one of my boys then spread to my hubby & I and luckily my other little guy escaped it free & clear! It was easy to be thankful that is was so quick moving though.

    Wishing everyone is feeling better soon!