Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. So, notice anything different? look to the blog. Wanted something clean and fresh. Going to have a button designed soon and possibly a new header. 
Have you checked out these two designers?

What do you think of the blog now?

2. Going to start a series of guest posts, if you are interested, read here and contact me!

3. I finally got out on a short run today and I'm determined to get out 2 more times this week. No matter what. 

4. So, a fellow twin mama blogger that I love to follow has an Etsy shop and she just started making bow-ties for little men!! 
Guess who pre-ordered two?! Ohmygoodness they are adorable.
Go check out those and her other things here!

5. We saw Beauty and the Beast with Jack last night in 3D. 
One of my all time favorites and it was so awesome to take Jack. My parents stayed with the babies and we took him to Red Robin (his favorite place because of the tractor game you can play to get candy) and then headed to the movie. 
He did great. Didn't leave his glasses on the whole time, but since mostly it's just the background that's 3D (in most parts) it really was fine. 
So, if you were wondering if you should take your little one because of's fine. They won't get a headache and will see fine without the glasses :)

6. Both boys got haircuts this past week, it was Christian's second one. They did great but it still didn't convince Jack to let us cut his. 
HUGE battle, and basically the ONLY battle we have with him.
We resort to buzzing it off at home while he screams bloody murder. But I miss his spikey hair so we are trying to grow it out. 
Ugh....any tips?!
He hates the noise and the itchiness. It seriously makes him all red and blotchy.

7. Went out with our local twin mama group last week, it was so nice. Love being able to talk to other mama's who just get it. 

8. One more shout out....this twin mama had her babies at 27 weeks and is now giving back to March of Dimes. Go here and see what's she's doing (it involves awesome giveaways!)
Happy Monday. It continues to rain here, but it was badly needed!

Happy Monday!


  1. My oldest still throws a fit about getting his hair cut and he's almost 6! We do it at home too and have yet to find something that makes it less stressful...hope you are more successful!

  2. hannah is always my design girl! plus she's a sweetie, too!!!

    hunter doesn't do well with haircuts either. but we have a kids place that has movies and trains. the kids can sit in a firetruck or airplane while they get their hair cut. it really helps. it's $20, but worth it. maybe you have a place like that?!!

  3. Hey Krystle! I missed you...if that makes sense =-) Trying to get back into gear with blogging and so behind on reading those that I follow. Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  4. thanks for including me in the blog! :) you're the best!

    and those bowties...omg haha love! i just ned to find a matching dress for amelia ;)