Interested in guest posting?

I would love to start something new this year, and that is having Guest Posts!
I'd love to give you a chance to highlight your blog and yourself here on my blog!

If you are interested, I'd need to to do the following things:

Send me an email at
*Include your blog address 
*Give me a link to a post or two that are some of your favorites. Something that shows me what you blog about, and what you are about!
*And if you have a blog button, I'd love that image!

Remember, this blog is about kids, boys, multiples, and growing in Christ. 
So, it doesn't have to be necessarily one of those things, but it's best if it fit with my blogs mission of encouraging others, especially Moms! 

After that, I will contact you and we can start discussing your post here!

I'd like to do it once a month for now and see what happens!

Even if your blog only has 3 followers, or if it has 500.....or if you don't think it's that great or you think it's amazing. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I clicked over from Jon Acuff's blog. It's good to see other mommy bloggers on his site. Can't wait to look around your site.


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